There are many options for lint-free wipers that can be used for cleaning purposes. They are commonly made from laundered polyester, but you can also get nonwoven cleanroom wipers, ESD cleanroom wipes or sterile wipes. They are designed to leave behind little-to-no lint particles when used to clean a surface, which can be desirable in a number of environments and industries.

The office environment is one that can benefit greatly from cleaning with lint-free wipers. With lots of expensive electronic hardware and large numbers of employees working at desks, the benefits of the lint-free wiper to both delicate machines and general hygiene make it worthwhile opting for them.

Take, for example, the maintenance of an office printer. Printers are made up of a number of delicate moving parts that are at risk of becoming soiled from the extreme usage demanded of them in a busy office. Furthermore, many office-based printers are also scanner-copiers, with surfaces that need to be spotless for optimal scanning. For all these parts, you can use a regular paper towel to clean and maintain them, but you run the risk of the towels tearing, or leaving behind traces as they naturally break up, leaving what we call 'lint'.

Certain parts of a printer can become more liable to jam or not function correctly if these pieces of lint are left inside them. With lint-free wipers, those tiny bits and pieces won't break off, so you can be assured that components are being cleaned effectively. Lint-free wipes are particularly useful for the cleaning of the rollers that move paper through the machine, as they help the rubber to grip the paper well.

Office downtime due to printer malfunction can be a frustrating and costly occurrence, and you can help to prevent it with the simple application of lint-free wipers to minimise the risk of leaving behind unwanted fragments of tissue. Other office equipment that would benefit from lint-free wipers includes computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards and mice, as well as lamps, to name just a few.

Lint-free wipes are commonly used for the cleaning of medical environments for the same reason. The dropping of lint when cleaning can mean contaminated fragments of the cleaning materials are left at the scene, which could ultimately be very costly as patients are treated in the same area. The same principle is true for an office environment, where many staff members spend long periods of time together, some of whom may have infections or viruses.

Keeping an office environment clean and hygienic is essential to ensure the health and well-being of staff. The spread of a single employee's virus or infection could render large numbers of staff unable to come to work at the same time, which would be a costly occurrence for any business. By using lint-free wipers instead of paper towels or other such implements, you further reduce the risk of poor hygiene in the office by eliminating the dropping of lint which could potentially be contaminated during the cleaning process.

Office surfaces that would be made more hygienic through the use of lint-free wipers include tables and desks, chairs, walls, doors, door handles and windows - basically, anywhere that employees touch with their hands in their day-to-day movements.

Able-bodied staff and fully functioning equipment are two of the fundamental requirements for an office to run effectively. They may seem elementary, but don't take them for granted. Good practice when cleaning is of vital importance to ensure those fundamental mechanisms of the office machine remain intact, and lint-free wipers are just another step towards the most efficient cleaning practices you could possibly have around the office.