Sleeping affects your physical and mental health, which ultimately impacts the quality of life you live. Therefore, getting quality sleep is something that could help you to improve yourself. Failure to sleep well might mean you will not have the energy to pursue your daily tasks, so your productivity could also be affected. 

If you are constantly having problems with getting good sleep, there is a solution that you could try that will give you a better sleep as shown in the guidelines below.

Control exposure to light 
Melatonin is affected by exposure to light, and this is the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. When in the dark, your brain will secrete more melatonin, thereby making you sleepy. When light comes on, the secretion of melatonin is slowed, thereby making you more alert. At night when you go to bed, make sure to switch off all the lights that could disrupt you at the middle of your sleep.

Make sure to have good curtains that cannot allow light from outside to penetrate into the room. All your backlit devices like your phone and tablet should be kept far from your eyes as receiving a notification might turn the screen on. It is advisable to enable settings on such devices so no light comes on when you are asleep.

Watch what you eat
Your eating habits during the day play a key role in the way you sleep. You should pick the right foods hours before going to bed. There are few foods and drinks you should avoid if you want to sleep better. These include alcohol, drinks with caffeine and nicotine, and drinks with refined sugars. Sugar might trigger wakefulness and hinder you from sleeping well at night. For many people, taking a light snack works perfectly. This could be a banana, some turkey sandwich, low-sugar cereal, and yogurt or milk.

Your sleep environment 
You need to also consider upgrading your sleep environment to favor good sleep. Some of the things you could do include replacing your mattress with a more comfortable choice and getting flexible pillows. Choose the best pillows for sleeping to ensure you don’t tire your neck through the night. Remember to keep your room quiet and dark, and check temperatures to ensure it is not too hot or cold. You need adequate ventilation and temperature control to achieve this.

Exercise during the day
It has been shown that people who work out regularly enjoy better sleep. This means exercising regularly during the day could get you to have better night sleep. Vigorous exercises will give you powerful sleep benefits, and this could include even walking for 20 minutes a day. What exercise does is it boosts metabolism and raises the temperatures of the body. After the workout, your body feels more relaxed and ready to rest.

Clear your head 
Stress is an enemy of sleep and if you have stress and anxiety, it could not work to try any of the above ideas. Get your mind cleared of any frustrations by seeing a therapist who will help you get out of your situation.

If you have been struggling with bad sleep at night, don’t be discouraged as there are many things you could do to improve the situation. Pursue one of the options highlighted above for a remedy that will see you get better night sleep without having to take any drugs.