At times it may be difficult to determine whether someone is single. There’s a fine line between flirty and available. Ultimately, whether someone is single is a private matter. There are ways around asking this question. All you need to do is be patient, observant and curious. 

Spends A Lot Of Time With Parents

If someone spends a lot of time with their parents, it is a good sign that they are single. Of course, there aren’t hard and fast rules to being attached, so this behavior may just be normal. If you find out that they are spending an excessive amount of time with their mother or father, it’s a safe bet they’re single. 

How Often They Go Out

Singles are very peculiar, some will spend a lot of time going out with their friends, while others will stay cooped up at home. It may be hard to determine if someone is single based solely on how frequently they go out. But, it is a good sign that they are single, if they are constantly going out with friends and family members. Most young couples will want to spend as much time together as possible. So, they are not going to invite others to spend time with them. On the other hand, someone who is unattached will want to spend as much of his or her downtime with other singles. 

Spends Unnecessary Time At Work

If you are interested in dating a co-worker, you truly do not want to go up and ask them if they are single. The key to avoid causing a disruption in your working relationship is to play it safe. One of the signs someone is not into a long term relationship is if they spend a lot of unnecessary time at work. Unless they are being asked to work extra, they are probably lonely and just do not want to go home. It is important to note that this sign does not always point to someone who is unattached. Some people who are involved in long-term relationships find themselves wanting to spend less and less time with their partner.

Rarely Seen Texting Or Talking On Cellphone

“If you see someone spending a lot of their downtown texting and chatting on a cellphone, it is a good sign they are not in a relationship,” says relationship guru Brad Jeffries of Chatline Connect. If you have ever been in a relationship, you know a lot of your time is spent exchanging messages with your partner. When you’re single, you no longer feel the need to spend so much time on your phone unless you are talking with friends.

Ask Their Friends

One of the best ways to determine if someone is single is to ask their friends or family members. The next time you are interested in someone, do not hesitate to pop the question to the individual’s friend. This person will not only be able to answer your question, but also will be able to tell you if the individual is interested in dating. 

Do They Wear A Ring

As you already know there are tons of different types of rings. While it may be hard to differentiate between the types, it is easy to determine if he or she is wearing a wedding or engagement ring.