Black mold is one of the most common fungi that grow indoors. Like other molds, black mold grows in damp places like wet basements, areas with a leak, bathrooms, and showers. Some kind of black mold causes respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks, therefore, should be removed whenever you find them in your house. Killing black mold can be tricky since they are resistance and prone to regrowth. 

The following are ways that can effectively kill black mold.

Identify the Mold and the Area Affected
In most cases, the black mold grows in damp areas; it’s black in color, slimy on a wet surface and looks like soot on a dry surface. Once you are sure the mold present is black then you can begin to look up for an appropriate solution on how to get rid of black molds. You should start by sealing the area to prevent the mode from spreading and mold spores from becoming airborne. Sealing will inhibit the spores from spreading from one area to another. However, sealing alone doesn’t stop the growth of mold in another part of the house since mold spores are present in the air and can grow in any place there is moisture.

Prepare Yourself and Equipment to Use in Mold Killing
Before you start killing the mold open a window for ventilation because mold and the products used to kill it can irritate lungs eyes and skin. Wear protective gears like gloves and gas mask for your own safety. If the affected area is absorbent it can be difficult to remove the mold from such a material instead replacing the material may be more convenient.

Killing Black Mold by Cleaning the Affected Areas
Black mold can be killed by scrubbing the affected area using soapy water and a scrubbing brush. Scrubbing helps break the service penetrating and killing the mold. Moreover, you can use products specifically designed for killing moles like anti-micro bacteria and commercial biocide. If you are using cleaning agents give them time to soak. Also, you can apply cleaning paste in the affected area to aid in the cleaning process. Once you are done scrubbing, rinse the area removing any detergent and mold leftover. Wipe the area with a squeegee or a towel so as to remove excess moisture hence preventing the mold from growing back.

Consult a Professional
At times the area affected by the black mold can be too big to clean effectively, the mold may keep on regrowing even after cleaning, the black mold may have been caused by sewage or contaminated water, or the mold may be present in the ventilation, heating, or cooling system. In any of the above cases, it’s recommendable to call in a mold specialist who will come up with a professional method of killing the black mold.

In conclusion, black molds can be present in a damp place in any room. The most effective technique of getting rid of it is by killing it. It can be done through cleaning. If it doesn’t work, or if it’s difficult to do it then you can call in a mold specialist for a professional removal of the black mold.