A new study released Tuesday states that some widely prescribed drugs for depression will only work for severe cases, evidently settling a longstanding debate about antidepressants.

Although the study doesn't imply that these drugs are worthless for those suffering from moderate to serious depression, it does provide a revelation for the debate among experts on its overall effectiveness.

Previous studies have sparked confusion amongst experts; on one hand, industry-supported trials have generally found that the drugs sharply reduce symptoms. However, various other studies that were not initially published, or were buried, showed no significant benefits compared with placebos.

The new report in 'The Journal of the American Medical Association' reviews other data from previous trials on two types of drugs and has found that their effectiveness varies according to the severity of the depression being treated. Although previous studies have sketched out a similar pattern, this new study is the first to analyze responses from hundreds of people being treated for more moderate symptoms which consist of the majority of patients.

This new study will also curb the enthusiasm towards antidepressants amongst patients and doctors, keeping their expectations towards the effects of the drugs more reasonable.

More information concerning this remarkable revelation can be found here.