What to do to have a fresh and healthy look? How keep your skin look young and cared for years? Very basic but vital tips that will help you stay beautiful

What Is Beauty and How to Be Beautiful?
Beautiful appearance is something that has worried women for ages. Beauty standards are changing constantly, all time something new comes. 

Moreover, beauty standards differ so much from country to country, that the feature, which is considered beautiful in one country, may be perceived as an ugly one in another country. Beauty standards – one must read a research paper to understand the details, not a scholarship essay!

Though, in our society, we finally came to the point that, first of all, natural shining and healthy looks is believed to be beautiful. Natural beauty, it means, healthy and clean skin, healthy hair, naturally white teeth – this is the aim of most women nowadays. To tell the truth, this is simple and at the same time rather complicated to achieve. Care of your sleep, food, and drinks – this sounds like very basic, but there are so many deviating factors, like sweets, chocolate, fuzzy drinks, etc. All of them influence negatively our skin.

Then, comes stress. Nowadays, this is a constant companion of a person both at home and at work. Its negative influence on our health and, hence, appearance, is immense.

Beautiful Look, or 3 Tips How to Become Beautiful
No pain, no gain. To get a beautiful look you have to make some efforts. There are plenty of practical advice on how to become beautiful, but without these three basics all your efforts are useless:

·         Proper food
·         Enough water consumption
·         Enough sleep

Proper Food
We know, that “you are what you eat”, though, in our context, it would be better to rephrase “we look like we eat”. Just try eating a piece of chocolate and drink a cup of strong coffee every morning, and very soon you will notice fatty shining and acne on your face and neck.

To be beautiful, you have to eat proper food.
First of all, plenty of the most various fruit and vegetables. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants. Some vegetables contain irreplaceable amino-acids which you don’t find anywhere more. Those elements improve the general health, help in preventing some diseases and of course, that all adds to the bright and shining look.
Though, you cannot eat just fruit and vegetables. Your body needs proteins, and you can get them from eggs, beans, meat, cheese. Without them, your skin will look aged. And, of course, walnuts: they contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which make you look shining.

Enough Water
If you drink little, your skin will look dry. Water is not only about being clean and not feeling thirsty. Do you know that our body consists of minimum 65 % of water? Now, just imagine for a while, that you don’t drink enough. Cells of your skin simply dry out, shrink and as a result, you get wrinkles. The more dehydrated your body is, the dryer is your skin, and the older you look.

Drin all time when you feel thirsty. Like this, you will not only have healthy look, but water will help you in flushing out toxins. You will feel healthier and younger, and your skin will look better, as well. Normally, an adult person shall drink a least 8 cups of water every day. Even if you don’t have much free time, just take a bottle of water wherever you go and drink whenever you have a free second.

There are people though who aren’t too keen on pure water.  For those, there is a solution as well. Put in your water bottle some mint leaves, a piece of lemon or a round of cucumber – refreshing drink with some nutrients is by hand, it looks beautiful and is incomparably healthier than any fuzzy drink.

Sleep Well to Look Fresh
When you are sleeping, your body repairs itself and recovering for a new day. While sleeping, the skin produces collagen. Hence, 6-8 hours of peaceful high-quality sleep is crucial for how you look and feel. Just miss one hour – and you will feel stressed and nervous, you will get those nasty dark rounds under eyes. More lack of sleep, and you will get headaches, changeable, though, rather an irritable mood, stress. Constant lack of sleep influences both mental and physical condition, mood, and, of course, your look.

Yep, there are many more ways to improve the way how you look and how you feel. Say, favorite work will bring less stress than the one you hate. Night shifts will definitely influence your skin negatively, even if you get enough sleep afterwards. A sedentary lifestyle may bring to health problems, overweight, hence, you will look worse. Though not all the factors are in our power to change, but the three that we have mentioned above are the main ones. And you can keep them under control. To be beautiful, you have to eat proper food like supermodel Kate Bock.