It is a quite fantastic phenomenon how a short story consisted of a few words can impress even the most sophisticated reader. There is probably no such a person in a whole universe, who has never heard about famous Hemingway story in six words. How great it could be to put an entire gamma of emotions into a few words! How great the power of a word could be! There is no doubt a writer should have a great talent to write such a short, but the very impressive story in a few words only. The history of literature contains many examples of how important a written word can be, and how the quantity of words hardly influences the essence of the text.
The Power of a Word: Interesting Facts
Many popular writers were challenged to write a short, but an extremely impressive story. Their masterpieces have shown that the quantity of the words in the story hardly influences the popularity of the story eventually. For example, Dr. Suess has written “Green Eggs and Ham”, creating a real literature masterpiece in 50 words. The writer made a bet with his publisher, who doubted Dr. Suess was able to write a book in 50 words. The writer won the bet, showing at the same time how influential even a single word could be.

You probably have mentioned already that short stories often bring more readers’ attention than novels, which consist of many chapters. In general, once reading first 50 pages, a reader knows for sure whether he keeps reading the book or not. Every detail and fact in the story must bring the reader closer to the main point of the story, and make him or her wait for the story’s ending with an anxiety. Modern writers know how to provide such an imposing effect as popular online academic services like ukessaynow bring since they create their works for people, who hardly can be shocked or impressed.

It is definitely possible to create a perfect story in a few words since every story’s main features must firstly include:

Interesting themes and intriguing facts;
Main part that contains some sort of enigma;
Attention-grabbing main events and characters;
Unique visions of the situation occurred.

Nowadays, modern writers face quite a difficult period, when people have used to various forms of creativity and other shocking things, thus impressing modern readers is not an easy job. At the same time, once being in love with what they do, authors keep busy with discovering unique themes and intriguing facts. Often, writers tend to create their own fantastic words, which can impress the readers with either unreal features or similarity to the world we live. These literature tricks allow authors gaining such a desired readers’ attention.

How to Impress Your Reader with a Few Words
There are probably only a few people in the world, who tend to remember by heart the exact number of pages in a book. Mostly, readers pay attention to other book’s features, like main theme, allegories, famous quotes, main characters and their adventures. No one ever said that one book was better than another one because of its bigger number of words. People adore only those books, novels and stories, which have influenced them in some way. When sympathizing main characters, readers get involved with their imaginary world and events described by the writer making it some kind of a personal matter.

When writing a book, every writer should remember all the elements of an impressive story, which include:

Attention-grabbing beginning;
Main ideas in a form of puzzle;
Unexpected and intriguing ending.

An attention-grabbing beginning is a key matter when you start writing a story. Putting a lot of information into the first part of a story rarely brings a big success, but putting some core ideas making a story a real puzzle can bring many benefits. There are no doubts that a writer’s main task is to intrigue readers since once providing a reader with some sort of enigma you keep them reading your story. There is no need to make everything clear in your story from the first pages, but keeping secrecy is crucial for a story’s further success. Let the reader solve your riddles and mind teasers, so he could be exited with your work!
In the history of modern literature, there are many examples how influential could be even a story written in 50 words. Even a tale of 6 words easily makes people feel all the gamma of existed human emotions. E. Hemingway, Dr, Suess are only a few of the writers who have challenged the possibility to impress people with a few word-stories. The talent has no limits, thus even a story placed on a small piece of paper can easily change the entire world!