If you leave home for an office each day, you’re going to need to take a lot of items with you; a laptop, files, lunch, phone and accessories, makeup, wallet, even a spare set of clothes if you’re heading out to a bar or the gym when you’re done. So, a roomy work bag is a necessity. That work bag doesn’t have to be a standard leather briefcase, though. You don’t have to be the same as everyone else – these gorgeous alternatives will give you a fashion edge, as well as being perfectly practical. 

Leather Satchel 
The leather satchel is a great alternative to the usual work bag. These bags come in a variety of sizes, so you can pick the one that is right for you – there is no need to get a huge bag if you don’t need to carry a lot, but if you do have a lot to take into the office each day, there is sure to be a satchel that suits your need. They come in many different colors from brown and black, to much brighter shades including purple and pink. One tip for using a leather satchel though: they can get scuffed easily, and if this happens it can make your bag look scruffy and older than it is. Invest in some leather polish to keep it looking in tip top condition! 

Cross Body 
Ideal for when you need to commute on a busy train or bus, the cross-body bag isn’t a particular style as such – rather it is any style of bag that has a long enough strap that will literally cross your body from your shoulder to opposite hip when you’re wearing it. Not only does this make the bag a lot more secure, but it also frees your hands, and it’s comfortable too. Swap sides from time to time to keep your spine healthy (especially if your bag is a heavy one). 

The tote is the ultimate catch-all kind of bag, and it’s perfect for taking your essentials into the office every day. Due to the fact that there are so many varieties, you can have a different tote for every day of the week, or every outfit you own. Custom tote bags are fun, and can really show off your personality which, if you work in a fairly corporate space, is something that many people are yearning to do. Alternatively, your whole office can get personalized tote bags as these can be ideal for some on the spot marketing. 

Rucksacks are much more than something that travelers use to haul their stuff from place to place – they can be perfect work bags too. Large enough to fit everything in, comfortable to wear for longer commutes, lots of different pockets so you know exactly where your phone, wallet, sunglasses and so on are; what’s not to love about the rucksack? Don’t worry about not being stylish – many designer brands now offer rucksacks that are made especially as work bags, rather than as sports accessories. Remember, although it’s usual to wear a rucksack on one shoulder, it’s better for your back to wear it across two if you can.