The clothes you choose to wear provide those around you with a wealth of information about the sort of person you are. Hidden within the layers of wool, cotton and other fabrics are clues about your emotions, your ambitions and your spending habits. Ensuring you choose the right clothing for the right occasion can help you to make the right impression everywhere you go. 

Start with the basics
Whether you're going for a job interview, a first date, a family barbecue or a friend’s crazy birthday party, you'll want to be sure you dress appropriately. Ensuring your wardrobe contains all the essentials will mean you will have all bases covered for most of the events you are likely to attend. For men this means having access to at least one tailored suit, a blue or white button-down shirt, a sensible tie and a pair of black shoes. Men should also own a decent pair of jeans, a selection of plain black or white t-shirts and at least one favored sweater. 

Every woman needs at least one white blouse as it goes with everything. Add to this a pair of black leggings, a classic little black dress, a great handbag, classic heels, a pair of comfortable flats, dark skinny jeans and a leather jacket. There should also be enough jewelry to accessorize everything.
Shop with intention
Once you’ve established that you have all the basics, it’s time to carry out an audit on everything else. Part of this audit should involve donating, selling or giving away any items that you have not worn for some time and especially those pieces that no longer fit and are only kept for sentimental reasons.

Once you have cleared out everything you don’t need, you are ready to replenish. Putting together new outfits doesn't always mean having to start from scratch. If you undertake regular audits of your wardrobe, you'll have a strong idea of what you have available and what might work in combination with other items. This will enable you to shop with a clear intent, looking for items that fill the gaps or compliment your existing pieces. The ultimate goal is to expand the number of options you have and looks that you can create while ensuring that as few items as possible go to waste.

Involve the whole family
It’s important to make sure the clothes you and your partner wear complement one another. There is little point in one person dressing up in a fabulous outfit if the other looks as though they have been dragged backwards through a hedge. You both need to make an equal amount of effort. 

If you want to make the ultimate statement when making an appearance as a family, consider dressing your children in clothes that you yourself would be happy to wear such as those available from retailers such as Nickis Gucci, home to a wide range of designs from the Italian luxury brand.

Children appreciate quality and craftsmanship from an early age, especially once they start to choose their own clothes. Those that want to stand out from the crowd are likely to be drawn to designer labels where they will find skin-friendly materials and eye-catching designs. Such clothes provide a child a true opportunity to express their both their personality and their independence with ease.