You may be suspecting that your boyfriend is cheating on you. You might already know that he’s seeing someone else but you have no actual proof.

Whatever the case is, you can put your mind at ease by tracking his movements. Even if you cannot get your hands on his phone, there are still some very creative methods you can use to track him down at all times.

1. Make your own GPS trap with an old smartphone
A brilliant method inspired by this article: you can set up any old smartphone as a GPS tracking device and hide it in your boyfriend’s car! That way, he will never actually know that you are tracking him as you will never touch his phone.
What you would need to do is pretty simple:

Buy an old smartphone (make sure it has GPS!)
Install a tracking app on it
Put a SIM card with a data plan on it
Turn sounds off
Enable location services
Optionally get a battery bank for the phone
Hide it in his car

And that’s pretty much it. Then, you can use your own phone to track your boyfriend no matter where he goes. 

If you set everything up properly, the hidden phone will be able to send you its GPS location any time you want. And if you hide it well, then he will never know!
The only thing to remember is that you will still need to access his car from time to time in order to charge the phone as the battery will naturally deplete over time.

2. Conceal a GPS tracker in his car, his backpack, or his laptop bag

There are a lot of tiny GPS trackers out there that can be easily concealed in pretty much anything, even in your boyfriend’s inside coat pockets!
You know your boyfriend best, so you know exactly where he is less likely to look. If he never clears out his backpack, for example, then you might be able to hide a tracker in there.

What you need to do is to search for tiny GPS devices like LightBug. A lot of them will have dedicated data plans too so you just pay the company a monthly fee and never have to worry about it again.

While this method is pricier than using an old smartphone, GPS trackers can be much smaller and their battery also lasts a lot longer. 

3. Get their iCloud or Google password to track them
Both Apple and Google offer services to help you find your phone if you lose it. These services, however, can also be used to track someone if you have their account details.

Then, you can just log in to Find My iPhone or Find My Device and you will instantly be able to see their whereabouts.

In fact, if they use Google Maps a lot, you might even be able to find their previous movements. If you have their password, you can log into their Google Maps Timeline and see where they have been.
When you can’t trust your boyfriend, you might just have to track him!

It’s an unfortunate truth that we cannot always trust our partners. If you believe that your boyfriend is doing something wrong, then you might have the chance to prove it by using one of the methods we talked about here!