Christmas is right around the corner, and you want to win some hearts this year.

We are going to help you in this case, especially if you want to impress a travel buddy. 

Following, we are giving you some ideas to make their Christmas bliss. 

One of the most important things in your backpack, and that is, you want to capture the beautiful landscape and your experience. 

A Good smartphone can suffice for amateur photography, but if your friend has a blog or online portfolio, they deserve better.  

You don’t need to buy a high-end DSLR that will set you back thousands of dollars. 

No, instead just a decent body, with a good lens will do work. 

You want to do better than a flagship mobile but keep it beneath a professional DSLR. You can buy a used set for under $800. 
It’s an investment, but your traveler buddy will love you for it.

Filter Water Bottle
Every traveler has to prepare well for his ventures, and that includes a filtered water. 

Plastic bottles are cheap, but they don’t go along with every temperature setting. Moreover, if they have been under the sun for a while, they can become very dangerous for your health. 

Therefore, buy your friend a filter water bottle.
It will cost you around $50 or so, but it will show your friends you care for them, and you are doing your part to improve their traveling experience. 
You have to search the market to ensure you buy a reliable filter bottle which can survive harsh conditions.

A Dream Destination 
You can peak around their wish list, and see where they want to go next. You can always get a good gift idea from here. In this case, you are going to help your friend make some great memories. If you know your friend well and want to help him visit a place, you can craft a traveling package for him.

Don’t worry; it’s very easy, you need to buy your friend a ticket, book the hotel, and surprise him. Now preparing the surprise is your challenge.
You need to break the news stylishly. 

The best way to do is getting scratch-maps. Yes, surprise your friend with the gift destination and break the news with a scratch-map. Leave them to it, and inform them about the tickets, and booking, this is the best gift you can give your traveling buddy, paying for one of his dream destination. 
A Laptop
Does your friend still use his three-year-old laptop? 

Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade? 

Yes, and you can help him out! 

After years of use, the machine can slow down, or the memory gets full, all of these scenarios are very annoying.  

Anyways you can always help with a newer generation, something lightweight, and more powerful. Make sure the new laptop has discrete graphics and at least a quad-core processor to help your friend with video and photo editing. 

Once again, you can find a great deal under $500.  

Travel Bag
Travelers love their backpack; it’s a sacred relationship for them. 

So, don’t get your head over this. 

The right bag is very important for a traveler and finding one needs proper research. 

You need to start your search by seeing if your friend uses a suitcase or backpack.  Suitcases are great for weekend travels, but backpacks can last for a long time. 

They are made to stand against rough use, and thus made from durable materials. Even if your friend sticks with the two-week trip, you better gift them a spacious backpack and lots of pockets. 

You never know, travelers are always short on storage space.  

External Hard Drive
A gift isn’t a symbol of money. Instead, it’s a sign of care and love. 

Therefore, you don’t need to go big with the gift. You can still win your traveler buddy with an affordable and well-thought gift.

Buying an external hard drive that can go with a laptop and easily fit in the traveling bag makes a great choice.  Don’t worry; you just need to spend only a hundred bucks or less. Make sure the storage size is between 1TB-2TB, and the Passport drive has a protective case.