These days are about to come soon as long as the fall is yet to come. Looking great might take a lot of efforts, but once you pick up the main ideas of contemporary trends, you’ll be fine. A rainy day is not a time to cry all day long, but it’s time for new opportunities and things you haven’t tried yet.

So What to Wear on a Rainy Day?

On the one hand, you can wear whatever looks warm, but on the other hand, you have to think of the way things are combined with each other. Consider please the gamma of colors and tissues, and materials. 

However, there is no need to look gloomy when the rain falls. Furthermore, rainy weather is a time when you can stand out in a crowd and draw more attention to yourself, and not be judged for it. Being bright at this time can help you to make new acquaintances and find new friends. Bright clothes is a sign of a good mood and high spirits which are preferred by the representatives of the opposite sex to notice you. So, add colour (!), as Zephyr suggests.

We prepared the list of the most important things you need to have in your wardrobe to look great and feel comfortable. You can pick up the main ideas and produce your own variations of clothes and accessory combinations. Here we go to the examples:

1. Jumpers

2. Dresses" onclick=";return false;">

3. Skirts

4. Boots

5. Scarves


Hope that you’ll pick up these outfit ideas (see more on Inkprofy) and make the right choice when you go shopping. Have a great day!