Pin Back buttons have a very long history, wearing a Pin Buttons started in the late 1700s when people of the United States of America first time wore it for the presidential election campaign, the new pin back badges had simple writing over them, and they were made up of brass. 

As the time passed this Pins Back Button became more popular, and people started using them widely for the election campaigns, and then advancements had been made and pinned back buttons came with printed pictures on them in the mid-1800 election campaign.

In the 20th century people started wearing these custom buttons for different causes, ads and campaigns there were two big companies who created vivid colored high-quality low-priced Pin Buttons with catchy slogans. Many companies like tobacco manufacturers, candy producers made pin button for their ads and distributed among the people, and the people loved the idea, and that’s how pin buttons are still in fashion in different countries and societies today.

1.Pins Travel, Like News:
Pin buttons are loved by the people who wear them; they travel fast. People carry a Pin Button on their shirts, jackets and travel bags all the way with them. They are perfect in size, and these pins are company’s tiny billboards with great mobility. The satisfied and loyal customers take pride in wearing these little badges wherever they go. This is one of the perfect marketing strategies. 

2. Budget Friendly:
From a multibillion-dollar company like BMW, AUDI, and FERRARI, etc. to a small candy company or a local beverage producer, everybody in the business can afford these mini pin customized buttons. They can be easily made and the more you make them, the less they would cost you. You can also see hundreds of people gathered in a rally or at a concert wearing these badges. They are super cheap for everyone in the business.

3. Best Emotional Trigger: 
Ever seen in a movie where a guy is going through his old stuff he used to have in his childhood, and he comes across a specific Pin Badge, which reminds him of a particular period of his youth, and he becomes emotional? Yes, Pin Button does that to us! They could be an excellent source of memories and emotions when kept for a long time.

4. They are collectible:
There are a lot of people who have been collecting these Pin Buttons for years, and they love doing it. It’s a hobby like collecting stamps or coins. People develop attachments with things they see and use, so they start receiving them. You might see an old smoker having years old Pin Button from his favorite cigarette brand.

5. It's Fun having them!
Let's not forget that these Pin Buttons never became obsolete because they are so adorable and inoffensive that people from every generation have worn it; you would still see kids wearing Pin Buttons of their favorite candy or food point! They are never out of fashion and it's always fun collecting and wearing Pin Buttons. 

Pin Buttons have always been in the business, and they will be in business in the coming years, no matter how advanced we’d become or how technology takes over certain things, I don’t think Pin Buttons could ever be replaced with any other thing. To me, they are somehow a source of happiness for people.