Some students find analyzing things fun, others think it's too difficult, but the truth is analytical skills are crucial in life, and you can't avoid using them in college, with all those assigned essays that require a deep analysis of information. If you were asked to write an essay analyzing the process, here are a few guidelines and topic ideas to direct your writing. 

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay?

Actually, the subtitle you can see above can serve as a nice topic for a process analysis essay. The thing is that this type of essay mainly answers the question "how to", which means it explains different processes, like how something functions or how it is made. Like with any piece of writing, here you have to learn some basics to be able to write a paper deserving a high grade. Here they are: 

Be careful with a topic. 
To write an outstanding essay, you should know everything about the process you choose to describe. As a topic, you may go for something more generalized, e.g. movie making or textile manufacturing, or for something more personal, like your own experience in writing a blog or your proven suggestions on saving money in college. 

Be consequent. 
A process itself is a consequence of steps and actions for the purpose of achieving an end goal. In most cases, a process means things follow each other in a particular order. Making an outline will help you follow the order and stay logical for the reader to be able to understand your writing properly. 

Be interesting and use free essay checking.
In case there is no strict order in which you should describe the parts of a process, turn to a strategy "the most interesting comes first". Let's say you are writing about the ways to succeed in life and suggest a set of activities to the reader. Organize them in a sequence that will evoke the interest of the audience at the beginning and keep them interested until the end. 

Be clear. 
Remember that if you are explaining the process that is likely unknown to the reader, you have to provide definitions and explanations of all terms to avoid confusion. Also, don't write too much about a particular step if it's rather simple. Instead, use more words to describe what is really complicated. 

Be detailed. 
A process analysis essay requires you to analyze how something happens or is done in such a manner that even the reader unfamiliar with the topic would understand it clearly. You need to help the reader get an idea of what the process is and how everything is going on in detail.  

Be brief. 
Don't include unnecessary details, don't use words if you can omit them, don't add examples that illustrate a certain step only partially or may somehow create confusion. 

Fresh Ideas for Your Process Analysis Essay

1) How to create a positive impression? 
Choose a particular situation and give suggestions on how to behave, what to say, and what to do in this situation. You can talk about a date or an interview for a job. Tell the reader how they should look and act to make a nice impression, depending on the circumstances and purposes. 

2) Training a dog to sit. 
Who doesn't like dogs, especially the ones who respond to commands? Perhaps, you've had your own experience of training a dog, which you can share with the reader, or if not, you can always find lots of material on this topic online. By the way, you can try a strategy of telling what not to do - in this guide, it will come perfect and be useful. 

3) How do I take a selfie everyone will like? 
No need to explain what this topic is about - just share your secrets (if you're not afraid of losing our own popularity). 

4) How to lose weight without strict diets? 
This topic has been and will always be actively discussed by a large number of ladies who want to look beautiful. However, the answer to the question is so obvious that some can't find it anyhow. Your goal is to describe the process in a way that will make the reader realize that being healthy is actually not only achievable but also easy. 

5) How to learn a new language easily? 
If you have no personal experience to share here, you will have a plenty of online guides you can refer to. Try to create a valuable piece of writing - maybe you will be able to help someone. 

6) How to quit smoking? 
Along with losing weight, this question bothers many people, which means you will find a lot of literature about it. Do your own research, find someone who has a success story, and suggest new methods or present the old ones in a fresh light. 

7) How to sell things on eBay? 
You don't have to be studying marketing to be able to write a quality essay about this popular platform and the opportunities it gives to those who want to have an additional income. This is a great topic for learning to describe a process step by step. Guide the reader from the very start (defining the products to sell and registering an account) and through every stage.