It will be no surprise for you to hear that many small businesses fail. In fact, start-ups are slowly dying. You are sure to know the horror survival rates for news businesses; after five years, 60% of new businesses have failed, many of those still standing are barely surviving. 

If you need help with dissertation writing on start-ups, writing about the failure rate of start-ups and why they fail is an excellent topic to choose. In this article, we will discuss why start-ups slowly die and how to write a business plan that works. 

Why Start-Ups Are Dying

There are many reasons for why start-ups have started to die down in recent years after a very high peak experience in start-ups. One of the reasons for this is the lack of funding. Start-ups require serious capital to successfully fund. During the peak of start-ups, there was plenty of funding available to entrepreneurs to take advantage of. However, since the peak has subsided, there are very few funds for businesses minded people to take advantage of. 

Another reason for the failure of start-ups is an incoherent business plan. A survey saw that the reason for why 42 % of start-ups have failed in recent years is due to the fact that there was no market demand of the service that the start-up was offering. This is usually as a result of insufficient market research and a poor business plan. It is now recommended that you hire a company like Circle Research to carry out your market research.

Communication has also been cited as one of the reasons for the failure of start-ups in recent times. Communication within the team working at a start-up is pivotal to its success. You can pay to do homework online to get a more thorough reasoning for why start-ups are dying around the world. 

How To Write A Business Plan

As we have just mentioned, one of the major reasons why for why start-ups have been failing recently is due insufficient business plans; start-ups do not adequately develop a plan going forward and carry out insufficient research on their target market. 

Before opening a start-up, it is pivotal that the entrepreneur develops a detailed plan underlying why their services are needed, how they will be provided and their strategies to promote growth in their start-up.

A business plan should definitely include ways in which the teams in the start-up will communicate. One of the major reasons why start-ups consistently fail is due to the lack of good communication. Teams should take the time to get to know each other. Teams should also use technology, such as video chat, to build rapport with each other. Another way to promote open communication within teams is through using programs that can organise all the work for each team.  

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