There are times when you know what field you’d like a career in but that’s where it stops. Sometimes you’ve gone as far as you can up the corporate ladder without furthering your education, and other times you simply need a break or a new profession altogether. Whether you have been in healthcare in some form or are considering a career in health, you may wish to look at these 3 reasons to study for a masters in health administration.

1. Great Pay and Benefits Packages
Although the economy has been fluctuating within the past decade, careers in health are always in great demand. Most positions pay very well but with a master’s degree you can expect great pay and benefits packages. Whether you choose to take a sabbatical from work to study on campus or seek an online MHA degree, that accomplishment opens doors you’d only dreamed possible. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay in the field of health administration was $96,540 in May of 2016. Hospital administrators averaged $117,630 per year while administrators in doctors’ offices averaged $105,140 annually. That salary would provide an awesome lifestyle for almost anyone.

2. Job Security
Healthcare is one field in which there is continually a shortage of qualified professionals across the board. From hourly aids to administrators with an online masters in health administration, there will always be a demand for all positions. When it comes to job security in health administration, the BLS says that the field is forecast to grow “better than average” by 20%. 

Millions are currently employed in healthcare and within the next decade there will be an even greater need for administrators to manage a growing workforce. Tens of thousands of doctors and nurses are needed and by the time they complete their studies, your job as an administrator will be harder, yet so much more rewarding.

3. Working Within the System to Make Necessary Advances
An MHA degree online can help you find a position in which you will make a difference. As an administrator, you can develop your staff to offer the kind of care patients are in need of. You can help to implement better communications between patients and their providers, and you can set policies that radically improve the kind of care being given. Simply put, health administrators with a master’s degree can make a difference because they will be in a position of leadership.

No matter if you are currently working in the field or are making a career change, health administration offers advantages you seldom find in other careers. At a time when major changes in healthcare are in the wind, getting your foot in the door as an administrator will enable you to be part of that change. If you don’t already have enough reasons to pursue this degree, just consider the good you can do at the top. Changes you make in your life today will impact the lives of others for many years to come. That’s a reason to study for a masters in health administration if ever there was one.