Does the idea of the socializing required of the holiday season have you breaking out in a cold sweat? Made worse because you have diagnosed yourself to be an introvert, through and through? 

Are you looking to make this upcoming holiday season different from past years? Read on for tips that will help any introvert or socially anxious person get through each party with style.

Image credit : Pixabay

1. Treat yourself to a makeover. 

Knowing you are looking your best can help to boost your confidence when you need it most. From a makeover, to a hair styling, consider getting a new look crafted for this season. Go somewhere that provides both make up and hair styling services, like this professional hair salon, They promise that "whatever angle is facing the camera, you will look flawless." And that's the kind of confidence boost you need when stepping into a company party. 

2. Plan something fun for after.

As a kid, did your parents ever tell you to eat your veggies first and then you could have that dessert as a reward? Or perhaps you were the type of kid who came up with that on their own? 

The power of anticipation, aka, looking forward to things, can pull you through a rough moment. You can change how you view an event from dreading it, to actually looking forward to it with this one simple move. Plan for something that you really want to do after the dreaded event. 

The power of dread is as real as the power of anticipation. But the good news is you can flip the dread on its head by focusing on that pleasant thing that will happen afterwards. Set a date to binge watch that new Netflix show only after going to that work social. Or buy yourself that pair of shoes or the latest gadget you have had your eye on--but only after that dreaded dinner with the in laws. 

3. Have a strategy. 

For the socially anxious types and the introverts, having a strategy can make all the difference. Give yourself little goals to complete for set time slots. For example, decide that for the first 10 minutes you will help the host serve the food. And then for the next 30 minutes, make small talk with X number of people. 

Making the social event into a game, even if you are the only one playing it, can help the time pass quickly, and help you fake needed social skills.

4. Bring a buddy or team up. 

Bringing a friend or your partner to a social event provides you with immediate back up, as well as moral support. Of course, make sure that your plus 1 is allowed at the event you will be going to. If not, reach out to someone you know will be attending the same event. Tell them you will be going to that party, too, and then think of something you both have in common that you can discuss with him or her at the party. Make sure the topic you pick is something you know that the other person is interested in, and not something only you will want to talk about.

5. Set the bar low... enough.

Often, our high expectations of ourselves, others, and the event cause us to feel disappointed afterwards. Perhaps you feel you had too many awkward moments. And that you let yourself or others down. 

Deal with your expectations before stepping out the door. And often this means having real expectations about what you are capable of handling. If you know that you can't stand being at a party for longer than an hour, then do not commit yourself for two hours. If even showing up is a win for you, then don't beat yourself up if you leave after 30 minutes. Be real with yourself about how social you can be. 

6. Get a killer outfit. 

Like to play dress up? Even if socializing is not your thing? There is nothing wrong with using an upcoming social event to get that new outfit you have had your eye on. In fact, purchasing yourself a killer outfit could help you look forward to the day when you get to wear it. 

The holidays are a time when we get a year's worth of socializing packed into the space of a six-week period. Using some or all of the tips above will help prepare your shier self to make it through to the other side with the least amount of stress possible.