Your bathroom is unquestionably one of the most important rooms in your house. In fact the best place to get rid of all the everyday stress and relax yourself. This creates the need of making your bathroom a spa-like place. 

Everyone here knows that nothing can be better than a soothing hot shower. But entering a cramped and cluttered bathroom can be the best mood-breaker. This is why it is important to decorate your bathroom to make it look more elegant. Here are five simple steps in which it can be done:

1. Lighten up

This is the most impactful way to decorate your bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom is brightened and lightened up. There are many ways to do this but two most prominent are: incorporate lights and paint it white. There must be sufficient lighting to make the environment brighter. White paint can make the space look larger but if you are not ready for all-white bathroom then add softer shades like pink or grey. Dark colors can make it dull. 

2. Accessories

Accessories are not only about functionality. There is a lot more about it. Once you have made your mind about other factors then focus to accessorize. There are number of ways in which you can do so. Look for different tower racks, toothbrush holders, mirrors and more. Each accessory comes in different styles and designs. Make sure you choose them according to the existing theme of bathroom. This way everything will set in smoothly. 

3. Toilet and sink

These are two most important things that not only enhances usability of the bathroom but can also bring in more adornment. If you have an old toilet, replace it with new. There is a number of cool toilet seats in the market that can complement the modern theme. Also purchase a matching sink. Pedestal sinks have become a trend now. You can bring them in place of cabinet sinks. However take care when choosing these fixtures, they must match with other décor elements. 

4. Eliminate the clutter

This is the basic fundamental whether you are decorating your bathroom or bedroom. Bathrooms are not supposed to be a storage space that you need to clutter the space with all the unnecessary stuff you have. Even if you are adding storage, keep things that you need. Keep the items that are used on regular basis. Discard all those items that are not under utilization. This will make your space look cleaner and more organized.

5. Splurge wisely

Bathroom requires high amount of money to decorate it since the accessories and fixtures are relatively expensive. Buying high-end materials can be a heavy burden on your pockets. Even if it comes under your affordability, you need to spend your money wisely. Just don’t buy the most expensive tiles in the market. Conduct some research and do your homework before you head towards the market. This will ensure you spend your money in the right manner.