Writing is one area of study whereby various people can find boring and tiresome to do. However, one can make the process enjoyable as much as possible. Writing is like solving a certain puzzle with different variables and, therefore, this brings up the idea of having several tips that can help someone find the process of writing enjoyable. 

Find good music

Experts at EssayKitchen suggest that one of the tips through which an individual can make the process of writing essays enjoyable is by finding good music to listen to during the process of writing their essay. People have different tastes when it comes to music. In most cases, people listen to music in order to get the motivation of doing something. Hence, when writing your college essay, it is advisable to listen to favorite music and sometimes chose a music genre that has a relation to the essay in question. 

Rewarding yourself 

Rewarding oneself for writing a good essay is a good way of making the process enjoyable. Rewards is a common way of motivating human beings into doing something and, therefore, this would motivate a person into completing the essay so that they can focus on other areas of study or write another essay.

Find a good place

Also, another tip for making the essay writing process enjoyable is by finding a good place to work from. A quiet environment is the most conducive as compared to a place that is noisy and full of friends. Friends can be distracting, and therefore, this would make it difficult for a person to merge their ideas well when writing the essay. Libraries can be a good start because they are normally very quiet and provide an environment that gives someone the motivation to study. 

Ensure that your body is relaxed

Besides, if you choose the option of writing your essay from home, then it is advisable to ensure that your body is relaxed and comfortable. A good way of doing that is through the use of essential oils that help in moisturizing the skin. As a result, this will aid the body in relaxing which, is, in turn, reflected to an equal relaxation of the mind. A relaxed mind is a key factor when planning to do something that requires a lot of attention such as writing an essay. Therefore, one will find it enjoyable when writing the essay in such a condition as compared to a case whereby the body is under stress because it will be difficult to think straight.

Work with friends

In most cases, working with friends turns out to be a great way when it comes to issues of studying. The reason to this is that a group of friends can decide to take breaks during the process of writing the essay. As a result, this will help in refreshing the mind and also come up with new ideas. Hence, writing the essay will be an enjoyable task rather than a tedious activity that strains the brain due to the idea of thinking hard. 
Friends can also discuss the topics of the essays to help one another in coming up with ideas. Besides, pretending that the topic is enjoyable despite boring or difficult is can be another way of enjoying the process of writing essays. The results of such pretense is the fact that the essay writer will find it easy to come up with various ideas related to the topic and, in turn, work on it effectively.

Topics that writers find captivating act as a motivating factor during the process of coming up with ideas regarding the essay. Therefore, it is important to understand a topic before deciding on the ideas to put across and as well as pretending how enjoyable it is in order to find the best ideas possible.
Find ideas and think outside the box 

Whenever a person is writing an essay, it is important not to always rely on the internet for answers because this makes it difficult to think. It brings up the idea of wanting to paraphrase what they have researched, and this might end up to be a tedious activity. An alternative to this is trying to think of ideas so that they flow smoothly during the process of writing. 

Also, another way of making the process of essay writing fun is by thinking outside the box so that this can broaden the topic and come up with better ideas regarding the topic as compared to a situation whereby an individual is focused on specific ideas. Thinking outside the box plays a substantial role in adding to the number of words required for the essay because sticking to specific ideas can result in an individual writing fewer words. Therefore, the more the ideas that an individual has, the higher the chances of meeting the required word count of the essay.


Concisely, writing an essay does not have to be a hard task that involves a lot of thinking. Following the tips above is a great way of ensuring that the process is not a difficult one, but rather it is something that someone is looking forward to doing. The above tips do not necessarily have to work for everyone but trying them out could be a great way of helping someone identify what works best for them. As a result, this would ensure that they are comfortable when writing their essays.