Being bedridden is not fun. A person that's lost their mobility loses a sense of life. It's difficult not being able to get up and complete tasks that were easy prior to your injury, health issue or accident. Providing the proper items for the patient is a must to ensure that they can resume life as quickly as possible.
A few of the essential items that you should have include:

1. No-Rinse Products 
Grooming and hygiene are difficult to maintain when you're bedridden. There are options to be lifted out of the bed and placed into a tub. You will also have the option to take bed baths, which are not comfortable.
Instead, choose no-rinse products.

These products allow you to wash your body and hair without worrying about rinsing afterward. This takes the hassle of a bed bath out of the equation and makes it as easy as possible to maintain a high level of hygiene even if you can't take a shower or bath.

2. Hoyer Lift
A person that is unable to get out of bed on their own may still enjoy sitting up in a wheelchair. It's good for some patients, depending on their health and medical issues, to be able to get up and be part of normal everyday life.

Hoyer lifts include slings that go under the person, attach and lift them out of the bed.
No longer do you have to pick a loved one up out of bed. These lifts will lower the person into a wheelchair. Patient lifts and slings can be manual or powered. The powered models work best and will allow a person to easily be lifted in and out of bed.

3. Over Bed Tables
Eating when lying flat is very difficult. Since a person is stuck in bed, it's best to buy them an over bed table that will go right over the person's lap. Tables are convenient and will fit perfectly around the bed.
You can even tilt or pivot the top.

4. Bedside Commodes
No one wants to go to the bathroom in a bed pan. You'll find that commodes are ideal for the person that can easily be transferred to a seat or can stand. Acting as a portable toilet, these commodes don't have water, but they have buckets attached.

Similar to a regular toilet (just more accessible), commodes can be placed next to a bed and are easily cleaned.

When bathroom time becomes a problem, commodes offer a sense of normalcy and make going to the bathroom cleaner for the person.

5. Bed Rails
Bed rails can be a safety risk, so make sure that you research your bed rail before purchasing. These rails aren't to keep a person in bed, although they do offer this benefit. Bed rails offer much more than just confinement.

Rails also allow a person to:
Pull on the rail to adjust themselves
Stand up with greater ease using the rails

Bed rails are a must-have for anyone that has upper body movement, or can use their legs to transfer but may need some help standing.