You must take careful measures when you bring a new dog into your home. Careful planning and patience is the key to welcoming your canine buddy to their new environment. You must be ready to establish some ground rules and boundaries if you want to have a well-rounded dog. We will now cover several simple steps that will help your dog get adjusted to your home. Please keep in mind that you must bring your dog along gradually.

Keep Your Cool

Everyone in your household must keep their cool when you pick your new beloved canine up. It’s important for you and everyone else must avoid showing excitement around the new family member. If anyone shows excitement, the dog could get frightened. This could make it very difficult for the dog to adjust to its new surroundings.

Time for a Long Walk

Make certain you keep your dog on a leash when you get home. You need to take your dog for a long stroll through the neighborhood. The long stroll will help lower their energy level and calm them down. The dog will also get a chance to adapt to the sounds, sights, and smells in the neighborhood.

Introduce the New Kingdom

It’s time to introduce your home to your dog. Keep your dog on the leash. Open the front door and encourage your dog to walk in after you. This simple tactic will help the dog understand that you are in control and you expect them to be obedient.

Walk Throughout the Home

It’s now time to take your dog for a tour of your home. Keep your canine on a leash and by your side. Visit every room and section of your home. You are establishing solid leadership. Solid leadership will help you and your new family addition have a healthy relationship.

Keep Communication at a Minimum

Keep the communication at a minimum at this stage. Use simple sounds like “Tsch”. You could also snap your fingers if you are making a command. Keeping communication at a minimum will help you avoid confusing your dog. It will also help your dog concentrate on you.

Visit the Feeding Area

Take your canine wonder to their feeding area. Your dog should still be on a leash. Reward them with a snack or dog food. If you decide to give them dog food, fill the bowl halfway with nutritious dog food. Make certain you buy a well-known brand that has an impeccable reputation for producing a good product. 
The Dog’s Sleeping Quarters

Take your dog to their sleeping quarters. Take them off the leash. You are letting them know that this is their area. Don’t be alarmed if he or she lies down and ignores you for a while. They are simply trying to settle down.

Calm Energy

Projecting calm energy will send a strong signal to your pet. You are letting them know that you are the pack leader. Inform everyone in the house that they need to ignore the dog and give it some space. Your dog will now tune into your and follow your lead.

Introducing your new dog to your home is not as difficult as you may believe. If in case you have work and there’s no way you can bring your pup with you then you can consider  to take your dog to a Doggy Day Care so you don’t have to worry leaving them all alone at home.

Following the steps above can help you overcome this small challenge with ease. At the end of the day, these steps will help create a solid relationship between you and your canine wonder.