What defines a modern bedroom? It’s a simple enough question but the answer might surprise you because a modern bedroom is really a bedroom in almost any style you like. …Sounds pretty crazy, right? Let us explain….

You see, in the past there were definite styles that were either in vogue or not. You could look and say “That’s so 1950s” or “Wow, that’s straight out of the ‘70s”, or even “That looks like something from the Victorian period!” Now though, it’s a little different because if you look around today at the interior design world you’ll find that it’s not really possible to do this anymore.

Why? Because actually, nothing looks like it belongs particularly to 2017 or any other time. This is because, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all so post-modern in our outlook and our approach to interior design and decoration.

What does this mean exactly? Well it essentially means that we are all very eclectic in our taste. It means that we are open to the best offerings of designers throughout history- so you might walk into an interior designer’s home today and see touches of Art Nouveau alongside the latest high tech integrated music, lighting and heating systems. Equally you might step into a typical city apartment and see bare brickwork, distressed wooden flooring and carefully curated vintage pieces such as careworn mirrors and old brass lamps. Check out this piece for examples of 1970s design being brought in to today’s living spaces.

The amazing thing about where we are now is that it’s the era of design in which there are no financial barriers to great style anymore. You can take a real pick-and-mix approach to interiors now, choosing amazing bargain pieces online or in charity shops to reflect your personality and setting them alongside newer products and more timeless elements. You can shop online with Bedstar using finance plans for great beds that you pay off in a way that best suits you and you can hunt for great value, unique, artisanal artwork in craft markets to make your walls pop!

It’s a refreshingly empowering and democratic period for interior design now and it makes perfect sense when you place it in a broader context. No other time has been more in touch with history. No other time has been able to instantly listen to the music of the past with services such as Spotify. No other time has been able to so casually check out archive film, TV ads and interviews with great historic figures using websites such as YouTube.

We’re not parochial in time any longer, we’re extremely cosmopolitan- dipping into the best of every era and making our own rules. Now of course an eye for design is still important for a good modern bedroom. We still need an understanding of form, colour, texture and all the principles that allow us to present a space well. Effective harmonies and juxtapositions require a good basic understanding of form now as much as they ever did, but today the design world is truly our oyster and a modern bedroom can be pretty much whatever you want it to be.