If you’re a fashion enthusiast, but you don’t have enough time or money to buy something expensive to make your wardrobe look classy and trendy, there’s no need to worry! You can redesign cheap clothes and make them look like they’ve been brought from some outclass store! A dressing is an art, and everyone can beautify the way they look by adding or subtracting their normal dress up habits. Here are 10 ways to make cheap clothes look expensive: 

#1 Keep your clothes new and clean:
The best way to give your clothes an always new look is through getting them dry cleaned on a regular basis. Don’t let any stain ruin your clothes, immediately take it to the dry cleaner and fix it. But don’t wash your clothes too much, that could harm the fabric. 

#2 Tailor it up!:
There is not much difference between a tank top you bought for $50 and $400 except the brand name. So what you need to do is add a few extra stitches to every cheap cloth you buy so that it would remain for a more extended period. Find a good and well-trained tailor that would help you stitch your clothes up in a brand new way. 

#3 Don’t overdress:
When you buy cheap clothes, be confident that you’re not wearing too much cheap stuff, keep it simple and elegant. For instance, if you’re wearing a cheap pair of jeans, try wearing a good looking, classy shirt with it to keep your overall look balanced. 

#4 Wear smooth undergarments 
Cheap clothes are often ill-fitted and see through because of the low quality of the cloth. Always wear properly fit or lightweight undergarments under your clothes. They would reduce the risk of your clothes looking too loose or see through.

#5 Change the buttons:
Buttons can be used to tie or beautify your clothes. To make your cheap shirt look expensive, replace the buttons with something costly looking. You can use custom buttons to give your shirt a richer kook

#6 Do not buy distressed pieces:
Some cheap clothes are okay to buy, but distressed pieces get old and start looking worn out. It is better not to buy them and stick with what remains longer such as buying ripped jeans, that would stay longer is better than buying whickering that would worn out soon. 

#7 Steamer is essential:
Ironing your clothes makes them soggy, and they don’t remain tidy for a long time but when you steam them, the wrinkles are much easily straightened, and your clothes look brand new. So buy a steamer as soon as possible. 

#8 Keep your clothes clean but avoid washing too much:
Wash makes your clothes look old and sometimes, the colors fade away also. It is better to keep your clothes clean using a toothbrush or a sponge on the dirty spots. It’s the easiest way to prevent your clothes from looking old and keep you away from the stress of cleaning. 

#9 Choose saturated colors:
Bright and saturated colors give you a more elegant and beautiful look than dull and sad colors. Prefer to buy something black or white instead of brown. Bright colors would beautify the way you look, and your clothes will look expensive. 

#10 Choose accessories:
Always wear some piece of jewelry with your dresses. Jewelry makes you look classy and trendy! Try carrying out a leather bag or some sunglasses that will give you an overall complete look, and your clothes will not seem so cheap after all.
So as you can see making your simple clothes look stylish is not as difficult as you think it is. Follow these tips, and you will be able to turn your old clothes into stylish ones.