Are you looking for some great locations to spend your summer vacations? Below have been listed 8 best holiday destinations where you can enjoy great moments with your family:

1. Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its rich history. The country has a large range of exotic birds and wild animals that makes it one of the best safari destinations. With some of Tanzania safari tours you can see the wonderful beauty of this great country enjoying the natural sceneries in addition to explore what it has to offer you.

2. Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the most amazing wildlife safari destinations in the world where you can always get an adventurous experience. This country is known as the Amazon basin, and filled with a treasure trove of wide-ranging flora and fauna. The best part of a Bolivian trip is that you can spend some of the best entertaining moments here in much less price than it requires for other popular adventure places. 

3. Nairobi

Nairobi is one of the biggest cities in Africa. With a population of 4 million residents, this city welcomes hundreds of tourists who enjoy their holidays in Kenya every year. Nairobi acts as a starting point for most travelers who then move towards other places in the country and love its safari trips and national parks. Moreover, Nairobi has many other attractions that draw many visitors to explore their splendor.  

4. Jamaica 

Jamaica is the most beautiful island that you would ever find in the Caribbean Islands. It makes one of the top places for family destinations, and has lots to offer you. Sandals beaches, Club MED, SuperClubs Breezes resorts are the top names among Jamaica’s best resorts’ chain that also offers several supervised activities for children, family discounts and babysitters.    

5. Berlin

This German city is not a usual backpacking destination. Though it is considered to be one of the costliest destinations in Europe, it has a range of touristy landmarks and a new world to be explored. Let yourself free and keep walking around the city to come across many unexpected surprises. 

6. Italy

Italy is filled with a range of artistic work which also marks the greatest of Italian artists. There are many grand churches, intricate masterpieces and lots more that have to be explored and admired. The country is not only famous for its art and history, architecture but also known as one of the best choices for budget-friendly traveling. From reasonable hotels and accommodation options for food and transportation, everything doesn't cost much in Italy.  

7. Barcelona

Known as one of the most romantic cities of the world, Barcelona boasts an old world fascination that is obvious through its cultural and historical buildings. This Spanish city has a traditional heritage to enjoy while its soulful music has a magic to double the pleasure you get from staying in this city. 

8. Florida 

This is a very popular destination which is basically known for its family beaches, warm climate and budget-friendly traveling. Florida has lots of attractions and sightseeing options for your family. In addition to numerous beautiful beaches, you will also enjoy your days at Walt Disney world, Universal Studios, Bush Gardens, Sea World and so forth.