Whether you’re planning a vacation with family, a trip with friends, or even a solo adventure, then picking your destination is always the trickiest part of the planning process. If you’re considering staying at home in the U.S. for your next trip, there are still so many wonderful destinations to choose from, so it’s no surprise if you’re struggling to make up your mind when it comes to where to go. 

If you’re thinking of visiting the Southwest, then Cedar City in Utah is an excellent destination for all kinds of travel groups, or even solo travelers. Here are just some of the best reasons to put Cedar City on your travel bucket list. 

Reason #1. Small Town Life:

Located just a few hours south of Salt Lake City, Cedar City is a peaceful mountain town in the very Southwestern part of Utah. If you’re getting weighed down with the hustle and bustle of city life and feel like you could do with a break that allows you to take it slow and easy for a while, then Cedar City is the perfect destination for you. With comfortable Cedar City Hotels such as the Abbey Inn, a quaint coffee house, antique stores, and a variety of friendly restaurants to choose from, it’s an ideal base for anybody who wants to spend their vacation time relaxing and winding down. 

Reason #2. Explore the National Parks:

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and want to spend your vacation getting back in touch with your inner adventurer, then Cedar City is going to be an excellent choice of destination for you. Since it’s so close to a number of iconic national parks, this town offers the perfect starting point for anybody who wants to get out and explore. The famous Mighty Five National Parks of Utah are located just a short drive away from Cedar City; explore the unique hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park, take the hiking and biking trails at Cedar Breaks National Monument, view the stunning scenery and waterfalls at Zion National Park, or take place in several great outdoor activities at Dixie National Forest, including horseback riding, hunting, camping, fishing and more. 

Reason #3. Learn About Ancient Cultures:

If you have an interest in history and want to learn more about how life was centuries ago, then Cedar City is one of the best destinations to get started. Families, groups of friends, and even solo travelers can learn about history hands-on at the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum, where visitors can fully immerse themselves in historical activities such as roping cows and loading wagons just like the pioneers. Going back even further, visitors can explore Parowan Gap, located just north of Cedar City. This petroglyph site features ancient man-made rock with ninety panels and over a thousand figures, some of which could possibly date back to around five thousand years. 

These are just some of the best reasons to put Cedar City, Utah, on your travel bucket list!