With Christmas on our heads, everyone is thinking about how to decorate their dwellings. We often get tired of decorations that get destroyed by wind or rain despite of the timely and difficult installment process it requires. This is where Christmas light projector come into play. These are durable lighting systems giving phenomenal light effects. 

These projectors create a cozy atmosphere in your home. You can change the design by just a click of button. It has been in demand due to versatile designs it offers. In fact, it will soon become a necessary Christmas staple. 

There is a variety of options available in the market to choose from giving the customer a lot of choices. However, a lot of customers face difficulty in setting the light projector properly. The guidelines below can be helpful for all the customers who have encountered this trouble previously. 

1. Consider the occasion

This section is pretty strange. Even though these projectors are called Christmas light projectors, they are not limited to one sole holiday. You can use them on different occasions depending on type and size of crowd. What may work for you might not work for another. So this is the first thing to consider when setting up the projector. 

2. Place

Place is one of the most important things to consider when using Christmas light projector. Take into account factors like length of cord, availability of socket, size of room, whether there is a carpet in the room, size of surface you are going to project the lights and the purpose of your projection. 

If you are setting up the lights outdoor, the cabling remains a problem. You can take into account the number of people attending the event, availability of projecting surfaces and power sources. 

3. Weather

Before using Christmas light projector, consider weather variables as well. Most light projectors are capable of withstanding harsh weathers however extreme heavy rain can pose a problem but can be resolved. Check out how weather can affect these projections and then place them in appropriate place to avoid unnecessary complications. 

4. Distance

This is a very important factor to consider before using light projectors. Their position will determine the quality and look of light projected. Most projectors have an indication of where to position it. You can read the instruction manual for better guidance. 

Best thing about these projectors is that they do not distort the image or lose focus if they are moved too close or far. Regular projectors have this downside. 

If the projector doesn’t come with an instruction manual and you do not know the right distance, then experiment it with different distances to get the right image. 


Using Christmas light projector is not a big deal. Instruction manuals are there to guide you through different aspects of it. Nevertheless, consider its durability before purchasing one. You don’t want your Christmas to get ruined because of poor lighting. Make sure this occasion is illuminated.