Academic writing has never been an easy task for students. They are required to follow the structure and ensure accurate use of grammar and punctuation. 

This post lists useful things for custom writing in school such as topic, outline, structure and more. If you want your essay to stand out, then read on to find out how to make it happen. 

1.Topic, outline, structure, and draft

The topic selected is the main part of the paper. It will dictate the way the rest of the paper will be. Choose an interesting topic. Next is to conduct thorough research on the topic to have more materials to support your tentative thesis.

The next step after choosing a topic is the outline. It will give your paper's discussion a nice flow. Most professional writing service providers make use of two methods when structuring their outlines. The first is the “topic outline” which involves a phrase or word used without punctuation. The second is the “sentence outline” in which a complete sentence is used with punctuation. Writers are free to use any of these two methods convenient for them.

Many writers skip the part of drafting their outline and structure before starting their work. Without a good outline, it will be challenging to write a good and well-structured paper because there will be too much information to include at the same time. After taking time to think about what the key point will be, and what will occur in the story, the next step is to jot a tentative outline as your first draft for the essay.


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One of the areas to consider before hiring an essay writing company is the reviews the company has. The reviews will give a broad idea of the quality of writing services they offer and what others are saying about them. 

3. Grammar, punctuation, proofreading.

Writing a good essay is hard work. Besides choosing a topic and preparing a nice outline, the most important thing is using proper grammar and punctuation. It is a common thing for writers to make mistakes when writing. But after writing, the next step is to check for any form of error in the paper.  Check thoroughly for repetitions, grammar errors, punctuation or typographical errors.  

There are many ways essay writing companies prevent grammar and punctuation errors in their work. Some make use of software such as Grammarly and others to edit their papers after writing. Professional essay writing companies go for the premium paid versions of the software which has more features.

Things like typos, grammar and punctuation errors can ruin your writing. They can make the essay more confusing to read. Such errors can destroy both trust and quality of the paper. Readers may also develop a negative feeling about the writer and paper. 

After writing, checking with software or reading for the first time should be done but after you have rested for a while. Resting will refresh your mind and brain. It will make you smarter to easily spot errors. 
The next thing to do after using tools to check for grammar error is to proofread for the last time before final submission. The final proofreading is to get rid of some of the typos that were not discovered during the previous edits. 

Essay writing has been made much easier with the help of professional academic writing service providers, who are helping hundreds of students with good quality custom papers. Steps to create