Cooking a special meal for some guests at your place is a task. This is because the cooking leaves the entire house smelling and the guests can immediately figure out what food you have cooked and mind you that can be quite embarrassing. 

So in order to achieve both the things i.e. cooking a nice meal without leaving its lingering smell in the entire house is now possible. Homekitchenland is the best place you have landed on to buy Kitchen Appliances that promotes healthy eating!

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Here are a few tips which can be super useful to avoid such a situation. 

Some of them are: 

Kitchen Chimney: It is always advised to keep the kitchen chimney above the stove switched on while cooking. This keeps all the extra smells out of the kitchen. If your salon area is separated with the kitchen area with a door, then its best advised to keep your kitchen door closed and keep the kitchen chimney switched on. This will not only keep the smells from spreading in the house but even keep the smells out of the kitchen as well.

Brewing some Coffee: We all are familiarized with the sweet smell of coffee as soon as we enter a coffee shop. After cooking some meals which meals like fried onion or fishes, brewing some coffee would just do the trick. By adding some extras like cinnamon and nutmeg will make the sweet smell of coffee even sweeter.

Leave out a bowl of Vinegar: This is one simple tip that can work wonders. Leaving a bowl of vinegar beside your stove overnight or for a few hours would work. You can use this by leaving the bowl in your bedrooms as well. 

Light Scented Candles/ room fresheners: These are temporary and quick ways of getting rid of cooking smells in the kitchen. Selecting a flavor can be quite a task since it should cut the cooking smells and not blend with it. One can choose some citrus scent like lime or linen.

Simmering some Spices: Spices like cloves, cinnamon has quite a strong fragrance when simmered in low flame. This is most effective way to get rid of the cooking smells. 

Getting rid of cooking smells may not seem like a big thing but it is one of the most important parts during the presentation of your house. One should not have to face an awkward situation like this. So taking a precautionary measure will go a long way. So let your love for fried foods continue and yet stay healthy. Thanks to Kitchen land!