Fall is officially here and that means sweater weather is back. Those summer shorts and lightweight shirts won’t cut it anymore. You want something that will present a great appearance for any occasion.  A great sweater is a fashion essential and you’ve got a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you’re looking to mix things up or just wanting to find out what the sweater world has to offer, you’re in luck. Here’s a quick guide:

Sweater Cuts and Shapes

Crew Neck
When most people think of a sweater, this is the style that comes to mind. It’s the most common style and it’s considered to be on the side of casual. It goes well with layers or under a jacket and it draws the eye to the upper half of the body creating the illusion of a square frame. (Perfect for men with slight or sloping shoulders.)

V Neck
The v-neck can be worn layered or as a standalone piece. This style does a great job of displaying the shirt you’re wearing under it and perfectly puts your tie knot on display.

Turtleneck sweaters are back. The retro look is not only effortless, it keeps you warm. Tall men with strong jaw lines can especially benefit from the style because the eye is drawn to your face.

Mock Neck
Think of the mock neck as like a simpler version of the turtleneck. The mock neck’s fabric stands at the top of the collar rather than folding down, and it can do wonders to slim and flatter your physique, especially in dark colors.

This is a distinct style that offers a laid back, relaxed and casual fit. It’s versatile and can be paired with jeans or trousers.

Cardigans are fantastic casual sweaters than can be worn with virtually any ensemble. A traditional cardigan will have buttons on the front, but some of variations hang open without buttons. The cardigan provides options for looks because you can wear it as your top layer for a soft look or button it up and wear it under a jacket for some visual texture.

Types of Knits

Cashmere isn’t necessarily a “type of knit,” but it is essential to add to a sweater guide. It’s extremely soft and refined making it appropriate to wear to the office. Cashmere isn’t bulky but it still keeps the wearer warm.

Knit fabric is the sweater standard. It’s stretchy and easy to maintain making it ideal for sweaters. Knit sweaters are ubiquitous and that’s great for you: it means you can pick one up at pretty much any store.

These sweaters make for a textured look. It resembles corduroy with its pattern that looks like cords neatly lined up beside each other. The ribbed sweater comes in baggy or slim fits alike.

Cable Knit
If you live in a cold climate, a cable knit sweater is what you need. It’s by far the warmest knit. The distinctive pattern provides a rugged, relaxed look that’s appropriate for most situations. While this sweater leans toward casual, you can pair it with a sharp, tailored blazer to make it more refined.
With the fall season well underway, incorporating sweaters into your wardrobe is a great choice. The sheer variety of knits and styles make it possible to find the exact looks you want and that look best on you. Once your sweater game is strong, you can go into any day at the park, house or office party, winter wedding or any other event with confidence. Happy sweater hunting!