With another long-awaited Halloween night on its way, many of us are struggling to find fresh party ideas. Luckily, the Internet is there to help. Picking out the best ideas for your party depends entirely on your taste and preferences of your friends. However, there are some essential elements, like treats, decorations and costumes, that we can never do without. 

Here are the best ideas for your 2017 Halloween party. 


1. Alternative decoration trends. 

A new trend in party décor this year are pumpkins painted with edible paint. Carving pumpkins usually takes forever, so this year, you can save your time by just painting the pumpkin that can still be eaten afterwards. The popular colors are charcoal black, blue and dark green, depending on your party theme. You can also write something on the painted pumpkin using crayons or chalk. 

2. Spooky sweets ideas. 

Among the most popular Halloween food ideas, it is worth noting these here: 
- Cauldron cupcakes. They are mini-cupcakes placed into plastic cauldrons which you can buy in any shop.
- Terrifying tapas for vegans. A trend of serving vegetable snacks instead of sugar is gaining popularity. Google Gremlin Greens and Spooky sushi to get the idea. 
- Green goblin punch. This mixture of apple juice, seltzer and Jell-O is of bright green color and looks fantastic when served in glasses rimmed with black sugar crystals. 

3. A spooky mirror. 

Mirrors are often used as horror movie elements, so they are guaranteed to evoke the needed reaction in your guests. This year, you can paint your mirror black or white and glue some doll hands or a creepy monster hand to make it look as if they were climbing out of the mirror. Alternatively, just paint or glue a monster’s picture on it. 

4. A party theme. 

The classic ideas of detective investigation of a murder with clues around the house will get your party going. Also, try a Harry Potter themed party with some secrets hiding inside Hogwarts. You will enjoy decorating your home with electric candles under the ceiling and wearing an elf costume while serving food. Alternatively, you can dedicate your party to vampires. Candy, jelly and wine are all red color, so a vampire theme is a good idea. Vampire movies are also very popular nowadays, so you can mix up blood cocktails, syringes with jelly and bite victim costumes with the charm of Edward Cullen. Halloween slot at vogueplay.com is based on similar ideas.  

5. Poisonous beverages. 

It is always a great idea to pack your beverages into vessels with labels like “Bat juice”, “Caution: poison”, “Cyanide”, “Arsenic” and so on. Your guests will love sharing their favorite poison, and also guessing what is inside. It can also be turned into a competition where they’d have to guess the ingredients of each bottle.

With this year’s trends, your Halloween will be even brighter than the previous one. Have fun decorating your home and preparing the spookiest décor that is guaranteed to impress your guests.