Using Bitcoin to travel around the world without having to use cash was an inconceivable thought even a few years ago. But times have changed and today you can use Bitcoin as a currency to pay for your travel expenses in the real world. Right from being able to pay flights with Bitcoin to using this crypto currency for purchasing varied goods, traveling with Bitcoin has many advantages. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of traveling cash-free with Bitcoin.

Book your flight tickets

One of the first things that come to mind when planning a trip is to book the flight tickets. With Bitcoin fast becoming an accepted means of payment, the tourism industry has started to embrace the use of this decentralized currency enthusiastically. This means, now you can easily pay flights with Bitcoin and travel to various destinations across the world. There are a number of travel companies and travel service providers that allow you to book your flight tickets using Bitcoin on their websites. With the increase in customer demand, even individual airlines are starting to extend this facility to their customers. So, there are many options for you to use your Bitcoins for booking your flight tickets.

Pay for your accommodation

When on a trip, you would definitely need an accommodation. You can use your Bitcoins to book accommodation as well. There are several websites that allow you to make payments using Bitcoins for booking hotel accommodation. Some websites even offer combo deals of booking for flights and hotel rooms and making payment with Bitcoins. If you prefer putting up at hostels or homestays rather than at a hotel, Bitcoins can come to your rescue even then. Certain websites allow some part or the total amount of the accommodation charge for such places to be paid for in Bitcoins.      

Purchase your food and drinks

Food and drinks often form a major part of the travel expenses. If you are given a chance to travel cash-free and use your Bitcoins to pay for such expenses during your travel, won’t you be happy to do so? Merchants across various countries have started to accept Bitcoins for providing such services. There are websites that offer information about Bitcoin-accepting merchants in different countries. All you have to do is check for such merchants at your destination and then you can easily avail their services. 

Pay for miscellaneous services

When you are traveling, you need to pay for various kinds of things and services. These include traveling to tourist attractions, airport transfers, etc. With Bitcoin slowly becoming an accepted form of payment, the emphasis is on ensuring that travelers can pay for such necessary services through their Bitcoins. Countries like the United States, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Australia, and the UK are considered to be Bitcoin-friendly countries and the population of Bitcoin-accepting merchants in these countries is quite high.

While traveling, there is always the risk of losing your wallet or having your credit cards blocked. With Bitcoin, you can avoid such risks and enjoy your trip by traveling cash-free.

This article has been contributed by Amanda Butcher, a free-spirited traveller who works in association with independent Outreach agencies.