If in doubt, where to go for holiday, then we will strongly recommend you to plan walking holidays in Provence.France shows a great respect to the cyclists and making a French cycling holiday can be a real joy.

The best place to live

We all know that France is the home of Tour de France and whatever your cycling level is, Provence in France will provide you with something. Provence offers cycling holidays even for amateurs. There are many travel companies in Provence that provides you with the cycling holidays in Tarn Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux and many other places. They transport your bags from hotel to hotel which means that all you need to carry is your essentials for the day. But is right to plan a cycling holiday in Provence?

If you are looking to discover a romantic place with magnificent sceneries, then YES. In Provence, you will have the chance to visit some of the most attractive towns. The routes that you will follow to reach your destinations will go through the sleepy towns and you will find minimum of traffic there. The time you will spend there will remain with you for your whole life. The best thing to do in the Provence is to enjoy the evening meal with fine local wine. Even cycling in Provence can be a warm experience for any tourist and when it comes to cycling, France has something for everyone.

Culture and Cycling in France

Food and wine is what you have to look in your cycling tour. Provence cooking is often known as the cooking of sun. This is because of the sun ripened flavor of tomatoes, garlic, olives and herbs. You will find these vegetables in most of the food dishes there so you will have a definite chance to enjoy the unique taste of these veggies. Not only veggies but some of the fruits are supplied from the Provence.

Provence is known for its wine and in your cycling tour you will cover these wine regions. Côtes du Rhône is one of the diversified region in Provence. Fourteen percent of the wine is produced in this region and 75 percent of this is red wine. The secret behind the quality of wine is that France is a bit hotter and sunnier then the other wine producing countries. The grapes that grow here are perfect for the red wine production and you definitely want to visit the city of wine.