If you plan on getting on board to any of the Dubai to Paris flights which seem to go by the dozen (at least) every week, you can expect to find yourself comparing the different kinds of aesthetics which exist in both countries, because at the end of the day the aesthetics are what Europe itself is based on. Paris is one of the pioneers of beauty, and the capital of one of the most influential countries in the world: France.

If you decide to visit Paris then be assured that you can find so many incredible things to do that you will stay occupied every minute of your stay. Some of these things are mentioned below in sufficient detail.

1. Eiffel Tower

There is a reason why every movie or TV serial based in France always has the Eiffel tower in the background; it is simply a master class work of art that shall continue to wow every person who visits France. You can either take the elevator or go using the stairs while fully admiring the beauty of this wonder. 

In recent years it has gotten so much attention that the elevator trip is actually costly with a family, so if you are all young at heart and fired up, climb the short steps and unveil incredible beauty in front of your eyes.

2. The Louvre 

Yes it exists, and is an international representative of art worldwide because of the works from great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo hanging atop the ceilings and the walls of the place. The Louvre always has a long list of anxious tourists waiting to stomp inside and start clicking using their cameras, so you will have to wait patiently. However, the experience inside will certainly be worth the wait.

3. Disneyland 

There is perhaps no family in this world which has not dreamed about going to Disneyland together and exploring the marvels of childhood without the medium of a television screen. Disneyland Paris is also one of the landmarks of the fascinating city, and is huge enough to keep you occupied all day with amazing rides, great snacks, relishing memories, and the light shows which seem to continue forever!

4. Les Guignols

If you are with family then there is absolutely no way you can miss out on Guignols; the French puppet that has continued to entertain kids for ages. Ever since the fever for this dentist based puppet began, the shows have not undergone many changes, and are still original and funny provided that you understand even a little French. 

5. Street Artists 

Now this is actually entertainment you can find in any street of Paris provided that it has some semblance of commercialism nearby. Tourists stand and applaud the amazing performances by these soulful artists who sing and dance their hearts out and wow the audience without actually demanding any money. If you are looking for great quality and economical entertainment, these artists are your saviors.