What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a wide array, contradicting some traditional views that it refers to irrational self-promotion only. Personal branding is about who you really are, how you act and how you present yourself online (and offline) to others, especially potential customers.

Personal branding is what crafts your identity over social media and makes you unique.

Why is it useful?

As consumers become more inclined towards personal interaction, where they are recognized as individuals rather than integers, personal branding becomes important. Consumers prefer to interact with personalities rather than faceless and expressionless organizations.
They expect to be inspired.

Instagram and Personal Branding

Instagram has emerged as one of the leading social networking and marketing platforms. With over 700 million active monthly users, Instagram is the perfect platform to market your identity and interact with consumers.

As all of the content on Instagram is visual-based, you can engage with consumers and seek their attention.
Instagram lets you communicate your message in an effective and influential manner.
Below are a few tips to optimize Instagram to build your personal brand.

Be Yourself and Authentic

Let’s recall what personal branding is about. It is about making yourself unique. The only way to be unique and stand out in your niche is being yourself. You must exhibit the ‘real you’.  

Unlike what people say, authenticity and genuinely are still extremely important in marketing. Obviously, you can follow an already-famous trend but with thousands of individuals already following the trend, you’re barely going to be noticed. 

People love to see authentic creativity. Perhaps you can come up with an innovative idea or trend that might attract people to follow you. If you’re able to produce a unique trend or campaign, people are likely to remember the trend and where it had originated.

You can also utilize Instagram live feeds and stories to publicize your stance on any social cause or national issue in a non-controversial manner.

If you’re looking to discover, interact and engage with the relevant people, authenticity is the key.
Identify Your Niche and Publicize your Association

Identifying your niche is extremely important while building your personal brand. There has to be something that fascinates you. You need to find and communicate your niche with the public, in order to connect with the right people.

Instagram has enhanced the usefulness of hashtags. Sticking to a certain niche will enable you to utilize hashtags for your benefit. You can add relevant hashtags in your bio posts and comments, according to your niche. It will enable the most relevant and interested people to discover your profile and connecting with those people will strengthen your personal brand and maximize engagement.

Publicizing your association to a certain mainstream trend or cause will also aid your personal branding strategy. For example, you can associate yourself with a certain social campaign and can showcase (not brag) your contribution towards the social cause. Not only will it inspire people, but will leave a positive impression on existing and potential customers. 

You can utilize Instagram stories, live feeds, posts, and hashtags to communicate your association.

Use Geotagging

Geotags can help you build and strengthen your personal brand. Adding Geotags in your posts will increase brand awareness extend exposure for your personal brand. Initially, geotagging will strengthen the bond between you and your followers as they can get to discover more about your preferences. You may also use geotags to announce mini meet-and-greets by broadcasting your location.

Moreover, you may also receive re-posts on your posts if you’re utilizing geotags effectively. It will enable you to approach and communicate with larger audiences.


Pairing up with already-established brands or individuals could be a great idea to utilize Instagram for your personal branding. You can collaborate with renowned brands or individuals such as Youtubers, celebrities or Athletes to uplift your image and add value to your personal brand. It will also enable you to broadcast yourself on larger platforms and connect with more and relevant people.

You may also team up with brands or individuals for a project. Mutual cooperation for social projects, events or national issues will also add value to your personal brand. 

Engage Freely

Engagement is an extremely important element and contributor while building your personal brand. Engaging with your followers will not only build your personal brand but will also develop a relation with your followers and help you gain followers on Instagram fast. You can engage with your customers by commenting on posts, answering your followers’ queries and replying to their comments.

You can also interact and engage with your existing and potential fan base by updating stories or live streaming your activities.

Using the above-mentioned tips wisely will surely assist you in building and nourishing your personal brand on Instagram.

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