When it comes to writing essays, you have to be vigilant about many key points right from planning the draft to proofreading your essay. Here are seven hacks that will help you to write the perfect essay.

1. Plan Your Essay

Prepare a rough draft outlining the important points which you can include in the essay. Brainstorm the ideas about the topic and write it on the draft. No need to write the full details but you can write the keywords and phrases to support the topic. Later on, you can elaborate the points to explain your ideas including supporting paragraphs. If you want to improve the skills for academic writer jobs then planning of the essay is crucial to get you one.

2. Start from the Body

You should always start from the body of the essay. Write the sub headings based on the keyword researched during the planning of essay and can include one to two paragraphs. These paragraphs should include the detailed explanation of the sub headings. You can only write an appealing introduction if you know the main body. Thus, start from the middle and then you can write the introduction which can attract your readers.

3. Introduction

An introduction is the concise summary of the main points of your essay. Reading your introduction should clarify your readers what the topic is all about. Clarify your thoughts and purpose using short sentences rather than the complex sentences. You can also start with the famous quote by giving the credibility of the source. This will help you to prove or justify your arguments written in the main parts of the body of the essay. You can also start your introductions by asking questions and answering them in the main body of an essay.

4. Justify Arguments

First of all, state your argument based on the topic, knowledge and research. Next step is to explain the statement including all the possible details. You should write the supporting paragraphs to prove that why a particular thing is correct or wrong. The last step is to analyze and evaluation of the statement. If you want to polish your skills for academic writer jobs then you need to be very strong in writing and justifying the arguments. 

5. Conclusion

Based on the arguments you have written for the main part of the essay, you can select the strong and relevant ones and conclude them in the summary. You have to provide the justifications for those arguments. Remember not to add any new point in the conclusion as you are ending your essay. You can also summarize the whole essay in 2-3 sentences in the conclusion to support your arguments.

6. Improve Readability

The readability is crucial part while writing the essays. Include the transition words to make it more captivating and convincing. Avoid using long or complex sentences instead try to keep it concise and simple. It is recommended not to use passive voice more than 10% of your writing. Mix up the sentences into long and short ones. Don’t use filler words such as “just”, “very”, etc. In fact, you should use powerful and emotional words to grab the attention of the readers such as amazing, spectacular, etc.

You can use good vocabulary words but also include common words in the essay to make it more readable. Don’t repeat your words again and again. It is also suggested that the keywords used in the points should not be stuffed in the body of the content. Try to keep the words naturally in the content of the essay. If you can provide a good readability to the readers then you will definitely get a better opportunity for academic writer jobs.

7. Proofreading

Check the writing styles, punctuations and formatting of the essay. If it isn’t proper then correct it and make the essay perfect. Read the essay after writing so that you can identify the spell errors, grammar mistakes and sentence errors. Correct them and proofread your essay and finalize it. Read it for the one final time to ensure that everything is correct.

Wrap Up

Essay writing can be easy if you follow all the above tips. This will not only help you to write attractive essays but will also engage your readers.