Sometimes, couples should decide how to celebrate their special day and what conventions to take as a basis for the day when they tie a knot. 
No matter whether they are Chinese people living in the USA or belong to various nationalities, they will inevitably need to choose the style in which their wedding ceremony will be celebrated. American and Chinese wedding traditions have little in common, so it is crucial to know the difference before choosing what style to follow. So how to make the right choice? 

Look at the following peculiarities of weddings in the US and China. We hope that they will throw light on this difficult question.  

Wedding-Related Events: Hen Party and Stag Party  

American wedding traditions presume having the so-called bachelorette and bachelor parties before the marriage. Brides and grooms paint the town red separately from their significant others before they become spouses.  

Traditional Chinese wedding pre-party is celebrated in another way. The future husband changes his haircut to demonstrate everyone that he will marry soon. Then, he shaves to demonstrate his pure intentions, and this action symbolizes the beginning of their family life. Contemporary grooms, however, believe that this tradition is somewhat boring, so it is complemented with an ordinary pre-wedding party where everybody congratulates a future husband with the end of the single life. 

American wedding customs imply that future spouses to have a loud and crazy night before the main ceremony. Sometimes, men and women even go abroad for several days to have some memorable moments with friends as before. 

Brides in China usually spend this day with their closest people and family members. They are left to lament the parting with home and parents. Still, most brides prefer not to feel sorrow and have fun together with their friends in the way their future husbands and American women do it. Presents for a Chinese bachelorette party are also a part of the tradition, and you can select something original to please the bride-to-be. No ideas what to gift for this occasion? There are already lots of helpful tips in the Internet to make your friend happy.  

A bachelor or bachelorette party is only an appetizer before the main dish – the bridal ceremony. This event is celebrated differently in each country. So, do you want to choose an American wedding ceremony or exotic Chinese celebration of the special day? Look at the several common odds of two cultures and their bridal conventions to make a decision. 

Five Reasons to Choose Either a Traditional American Wedding or a Chinese Ceremony 

How to arrange a marriage in a way that will satisfy both future spouses? Chinese couples living in the United States can face this difficulty when deciding what ceremony to choose. These five divergences between two bridal events will assist you in making the right decision. 

It’s All about the Ceremony 

What are the key features of an American ceremony that you recall first? They are probably the following things:

A gorgeous cathedral
A white veil and dress 
Groom waiting for bride at the altar
Vows and rings

All these elements are combined with a peaceful and sacred atmosphere, and sometimes you even feel awe because this solemnity.

In contrast to it, a Chinese special occasion is held in a more down-home and warm atmosphere. A man and woman get married at home in front of the family altar. Then, the couple offers several cups of tea to parents as a sign of the respect and gratitude; then they bow to each other to show their unity. Both American and Chinese ceremonies are followed by a great banquet. 

Bridal Garment 

US brides wear white or cream-colored gown symbolizing love and purity. In China, however, women traditionally put on a red bridal dress, red scarf, and a phoenix coronet shawl. A Chinese bride is the embodiment of the jubilance and passion of the new life. A traditional Chinese wedding dress looks quite chic and extraordinary, which is why an increasing number of women of different nationalities choose it as the marriage garment.


US guests usually prepare some presents such as useful gadgets, crockery, pieces of furniture, etc. because American people think that presenting money is too old-fashioned and tacky. Besides, some US brides can create a list of desired presents to help guests to choose a proper present. Chinese people, however, like to present envelopes with cash (usually enough to cover the cost of the place at the wedding table). Beautiful red envelopes are traditionally gifted to the couple at every Chinese marriage party. 

Fun Time

In China, guests and newlyweds usually have fun playing games and engaging in various entertainment activities. A wedding ceremony in the USA necessarily has a dancefloor where everybody can dance until the dawn

Bridesmaids and GroomsMen  

In both cultures, brides and grooms have friends accompanying them during the entire wedding day. US bridesmaids and groomsmen pay for their gowns and accessories by themselves compared to Chinese friends of future spouses. In China, newlyweds pay for their closests friends, which is considered a sign of  their gratitude for support.  

These main differences will help you to choose what ceremony to arrange. Everything depends on your cultural background, values, and preferences. So, good luck with your preparations!