Looking for a slice of heaven? ChefsFeed, the only chef-powered food media site has the scoop on five of the best slices in the country. These are recommendations you can trust: only the best chefs in every city recommend dishes so you know these are coming from a source you can trust! 

The Saint Louie at the Speedy Romeo

NYC: The Saint Louie and Speedy Romeo: "Whatever you do, don't dine alone! Order the grilled beets and the insane stuffed peppers, then just wait for the Saint Louie–the Provel cheese seals the deal here!" says chef Trevor Kunk.

Provel cheese has something of a poor reputation among modern foodies. Although it forms an important part of St Louis cuisine, such as the cheese used in St Louis-style pizzas, it rarely has much a following outside of the city and its surrounding region.

Despite this poor – and perhaps undeserved – reputation, Provel cheese is undoubtedly the main driver behind The Saint Louie, one of Speedy Romeo’s most popular pizzas by far. Served with a generous topping of pickled chilies, Provel cheese and Italian sausage, it mix-and-matches many of the qualities one would typically expect from a St Louis pizza. For example, its crust is not done in the traditional thin and crackly style, but is done a little thicker and sturdier.

The result is a very rich, tangy, and smoky taste, with a luxuriantly velvety texture. One food critic described it as almost being like nachos, probably helped along by the pickles.

The Speedy Romeo is currently the only pizzeria in Brooklyn that does traditional St Louis-style pizzas, so if you’ve got a hankering for some cooking from the old Midwest, then you may well want to drop by.

The Bianca at A16

A16 is famous for making a Neapolitan pizza that has been officially vetted by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, who are apparently the judges of all things Neapolitan. At least cooking wise.

SF: Bianca Pizza at A16: "This has always been a favorite of ours in the pizza world. Green olives, garlic, basil, chili and they just started adding ramps. Ask for the house Calabrian chili oil and get a bottle of red from Campania to tie it all together. Best pizza ever!" says chef Chad Newton.

Today we’re going to draw your attention to their Bianca pizza, a truly stomach-growling blend of juicy green olives, sizzling chilli, and creamy Neapolitan cheese that is sure to make you hungry for more at a mere glance. Served on a crispy yet fluffy base, ever so slightly singed, and a generous scattering of spinach for taste. Have it with a glass of Campania and let your taste buds sing with joy.

The Pig and Pineapple Pizza

PDX: Pig and Pineapple Pizza at Apizza Scholls: "One of my daughter's favorite spots! The Pig & Pineapple Pizza is our favorite (jalapenos are optional)," says chef Han Hwang.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that pineapple on pizza is not an abomination before God and all His angels, and instead say it’s a great addition to a pizza.

Because here it is most definitely a great addition to a pizza.

The Pig and Pineapple served at Apizza Scholls in Portland, OR, just goes to show that it is sometimes worth pushing the boat out, and after giving it a try you may well concede that it’s an excellent choice of toppings.

Served on a stretched thin crust with crispy slices of fine-cut Canadian bacon, small slices spicy red onions and deliciously juicy cubes of fresh pineapple, all served piping hot so that you may indeed have to wait before you can sate your appetite. Just don’t wait too long! While the crust never goes soggy, it does lose some of that satisfying crispiness if you’re a little too timid around the hot cheese.

For the truly adventurous, you can also serve it with slices of jalapeno peppers as well. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Order a nice cool glass of Zinfandel to go with it and enjoy!

A Slice at Secret Pizza

Las Vegas is designed to overwhelm you. All the bright lights, the constant activity, the massive casinos, and the vibrant, diverse people who live, work, and break the bank there can make it easy to overlook some real gems.

The problem with Secret Pizza is that it makes it even harder on itself by being…well, secret. It’s literally hidden away down a non-descript corridor on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan with no signs or indication of its presence. But trust us, it’s really worth hunting down this little slice of NYC pizza in the middle of Nevada.

Pizza here is served by the slice, and it’s truly a mouthful in all its tangy, Parmesan cheesy goodness. If you’re staying at the Cosmopolitan you can also take the pizza to your room, which can take about fifteen minutes or so. There’s a pinball machine while you wait.

VEGAS: Slice at Secret Pizza: "Past the over-hyped restaurants of Vegas, and through the tunnel of old album covers, you'll find the best slice of cheese pizza the west coast has to offer. Tastes like I'm on the streets of NYC," says chef David Baeli.

Avocado Pizza at Stella Barra

For those who want a little extra of that green vegetable that’s still taking middle class suburbia by storm, you may want to consider the Avocado Pizza at Stella Barra in LA. Thin slices of avocado are served in a graceful spiral atop a fluffy pan base, with an ever so delicate coating of cheese and black pepper 

LA: Avocado pizza at Stella Barra: "A new level of genius from chef Jeff Mahin," says chef Michael Voltaggio.

With the sharp, distinctive taste of avocado mixing in seductively with the more mellow tang of the cheese, this is a pizza you’ll want more than one slice of. Furthermore, Stella Barra also delivers, so there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this sophisticated slice of pizza poetry at home as well.