Traveling is supposed to be a time away from home where you relax and treat your children to family fun. But it can be difficult to enjoy a relaxing vacation when you’re thinking about the costs associated with the trip. With your head filled with cruises, road trips and weekend getaways, it’s never too late to begin saving for some time away. The following are 6 unique ideas that will help make the saving process easier. 

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Open a Vacation Bank Account

It can be costly to travel by airplane, especially if you have quite a few family members. While watching for sales and going offseason can keep expenses to a minimum, you can still expect to pay a lot of money for lodging, transportation, food and fun. An easy way to save for your upcoming adventure is by opening a special vacation bank account. Whenever you have extra money at the end of your pay period, the funds can go into this special account. If you’re not a diligent saver, you can also set up an automatic withdrawal into your vacation fund. When you’re ready to take a trip, you’ll have the money available for your excursion.

Cut Back on Household Expenses

Each year millions of travelers in the U.S. rely on cruising for vacation. While this mode of transportation is an excellent way to see the world, you can become injured on a cruise ship. It’s in the cruise line’s best interest to care for the safety and wellness of the passengers the moment they board. If cruising is your type of vacation, you can earn your way to a memorable vacation by cutting back on household expenses. Simple things such as shutting off lights when you leave the room and replacing regular bulbs with LED lighting can lower utility costs significantly. You can also tweak your weekly food budget by purchasing generic items and foods that are on sale. If you don’t use your entire utility or food budget, tuck the savings aside in your vacation account.

Curb Your Luxuries

Coffee runs can quickly add up, especially if you go once or twice per day. If you’re looking to save for a vacation, you need to try and curb such luxuries. Try brewing your own java at home and save trips to the coffee shop for a special occasion. You can also curb other luxuries such as regular lunches and dinners out. See if there is room in your budget to tweak other indulgences such as a housecleaning crew, landscaper or trips to the spa. You’ll be amazed at the amount of money you save when you cut back on the finer things.

Make Some Additional Side Money

If you would like to travel sooner than later, you can score additional side money outside of your regular employment. The short-term opportunities shouldn’t conflict with your regular job. However, the seasonal work can be a great way to turn your vacation dreams into a reality. From freelance writing and Uber driving to retail and security, the possibilities for second income jobs are endless.


Between family life and work, you may not have a moment to spare on working a second job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in some extra funds for a vacation. You can put extra cash in your travel fund by recycling cans, bottles, newspapers, metals and other materials. You can also peruse your attic and basement for items that are in good condition. Stuffed animals, clothes, books, furniture and albums are just a few items that you can sell on Facebook or Craigslist. You can also host an estate sale or take your goods to a consignment shop in hopes of earning extra money. 

Use Your Credit Card

Credit card companies are vying for the attention of the consumer. While most individuals apply based on the low interest rates and transfer fees, other credit card companies allow consumers to earn bonus miles for travel. Some credit cards offer cash back incentives. You may even be able to garner a monetary bonus for signing up. 

With the cost of living continuing to rise, saving up for a trip can prove challenging. But with the above 6 ideas, you may be able to squirrel away additional funds even faster. With the right due diligence, you may have your vacation prepaid before you make your getaway.