Choosing the right dinner set for your home can be a tricky decision. If you have children, then you may need dinnerware that can stand up to the knocks and spills of everyday life. If you're the kind of cook who likes to be prepared, then you'll need a dinner set that's durable and beautiful enough to go from fridge to table in one go. 

In fact, the more versatile your dinner set is, the more cost-effective your choice and the more flexibility you'll enjoy in the kitchen. That's what makes CorningWare Pyroceram the savvy choice for the modern home. Capable of being stored in the fridge or freezer then reheated in the oven or microwave, this versatile dinnerware makes life in the kitchen much easier.

Thinking about pattern and colour

Before you think about buying a dinner set, decide on the kind of style you prefer. CorningWare Pyroceram comes in plain white to co-ordinate with all your existing dishes and for timeless simplicity, or in a range of beautiful designs that are perfect to mix and match for a more eclectic look.

Form and function

Choosing beautifully designed dinner sets is easy, but if they don't have the functionality you need then you've wasted your money. Pyroceram is a marvel of engineering, originally designed to absorb the fluctuations in temperature found in a rocket nose cone, which makes going from freezer to table a breeze. That original glass ceramic material has been joined by a stoneware formulation, but it's super functionality remains, giving you the ability to take your meals from fridge or freezer to microwave or convection oven to table with no fuss.

Casual or formal?

Your personal style will also dictate the kind of dinnerware you choose. French White is the classic choice, taking your meals from oven to table with elegant simplicity. For a more casual vibe then you'll enjoy patterns like Cool Pansies or Provincial Blue. Whatever suits your personality, whether it's bold colour or pure white, you'll enjoy the fact that CorningWare is the one dish that does it all.

Make it durable

Classic CorningWare has exceptional durability built in, and that's a useful quality in a busy household or where you're on a budget. Of course CorningWare is so beautiful and well designed that it's an obvious choice when choosing a versatile dinner set, but the fact that it's virtually indestructible thanks to its ability to withstand thermic shock makes it a savvy choice.

Think about hygiene

Alongside the ease of use you'll enjoy when you choose CorningWare for your dinner set, you'll also be making the low maintenance and hygienic choice. Because CorningWare is non porous, it won't absorb smells in the fridge or freezer and is resistant to staining. It's also exceptionally easy to keep clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher. This is the material that revolutionised cooking in the 1950s thanks to the fact that it's safe, hygienic and convenient to use, making it easy to cook, serve from and clean just one pot.

The ultimate in versatility

Since its earliest days, CorningWare has always been designed to do triple duty in your kitchen. The purpose made, tight fitting lids make these dishes ideal for storage in the fridge or freezer, the shapes and sizes are ideally adapted to serve as bakeware and their blend of durability and design make them stylish pieces on your dining table. It's this baked in versatility that makes CorningWare the ultimate choice for a dinner set for your home, as it has been for generations. Tried and tested, this is the ultimate do it all cooking ware.