It is not only for men to take care of the muscles; thus it implements that the supplements for muscle taking are not only for men but also women. Talking in these terms, there is a method to find out that how supplements are required to put together in the way that they could activate your workouts without flummoxing your stomach. 

The process of building muscles is slow, letting your body to get adjusted before you add more to your stack. For building the strong basis, you can start with an intake of five the basic supplements. 

1. Protein:

This is a very crucial supplement. Make sure that you intake steak and chicken but, if you don’t take the supplement in the form of protein powder, you can’t attain the fast muscle built. After the workouts, the intake of protein for your muscles boots up the process of protein synthesis much fast and thus increases the muscle growth. 

But, you need to consider that which kind of protein supplement you should use. According to latest research at the Baylor University, and the Journals of conditioning and strength studies, the process of supplementing along with the casein and whey proteins after the workouts inhibit the process of muscle building and add the mass to your lean muscles. Other than this you can use protein bars which are specially designed for this purpose and serve as a good protein intake. 

2. Creatine:

This is the very famous supplement which should be the second most necessary element of your diet plan. Creatine is generated naturally by the muscles of the body and has been found to enhance the significant gain in the muscular strength, performance of muscles and fat-free mass during the high graded physical tasks. A famous health expert, Richard Kreider, done a study on February 2003 about the influence of creatine and physical exercise which was published in the Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry. He said that creatine increases the endurance of body and aids in the creation of the pump which makes the muscles look full by the end of the workout. 

3.    Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA):

You may think that you already intake magnesium and zinc in your daily diet. You do take but just not sufficient. According to the highly definitive study done on the ZMA, which was published in the Journal of the Exercise Physiology in October 2000, the subjects were taken who have consumed the supplements and experienced the increased levels of two hormones which cause the muscle boosting: insulin (growth factor-1 (IGF-1)) and testosterone. Zinc also takes part in the protein synthesis while magnesium works along the pathways which inhibit the growth of muscles. 

4.    Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs):

This component contains the three essential amino acids (and these are not produced by the human body so, they should be ingested) which have same molecular structure and are considered together with the optimal effect. These proteins – valine, leucine, and isoleucine – serve as the important factor in protein synthesis. Leucine acts as the star when you think of the muscle building as it carries out the production of the insulin, boosts up the protein synthesis, and generation of the anabolic hormone. 

5.    Arginine:

Arginine is generated in the body which serves the dilation of the body vessels. Wider will be the blood vessels, much higher will be the blood flow, equating to the high amount of the nutrients or supplements and other good items inside the muscles. For increasing the NO level, you need to consume arginine, a kind of amino acid which body breaks down to form another amino acid known as citrulline.