Getting you first thousand YouTube subscribers is quite frustrating. People are less likely subscribe to newly established channels, making it difficult to gain the first thousand YouTube subscribers.

Once you’ve got your first thousand subscribers and the momentum of your channel is in full swing, it’s comparatively easier to grow your channel and gain followers then.

With some basic knowledge and techniques, you can gain your first thousand YouTube subscribers much faster.

Identify Your Target Audience

While seeking subscribers and followers, identifying your target audience is the most important step. Just imagine how useless would it be to promote your channel in front of viewers who have no long-term interests in your content. As a result, your efforts and resources would go all in vain.

Instead, you should be presenting your content to the relevant audiences that have interests in your content hence, would be more likely to subscribe to your channel.

Initially, you can use third party analytics tools to extract certain personality characteristics about your viewers including their interests, age groups, and stuff. 

Next, you can utilize the information to create an ideal target audience profile. This will improve your targeted marketing strategy, helping you create appealing and interesting content for your audience.

Create an Appealing Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is an extremely effective promotional tool and can help you gain your first thousand subscribers pretty fast. A channel trailer is more or less a sneak peak of everything that can be expected from the channel and provides insights about the theme of the content that the channel will produce.

As far as new and novice channels are concerned, a channel trailer can be a great tool to introduce your channel to new subscribers.

While we’re at it, it must be noted that channel trailers are supposed to be short, interesting and appealing because boring channel trailers are not going to compel anybody to subscribe to your channel.

Optimize Your Channel for Search Engines

Effective SEO or search engine optimization is the key to gain random subscribers through Google/YouTube search. 

SEO for YouTube videos is basically optimizing your videos for search engines to make them appear in the top results in Google/YouTube search. This will bring a lot of traffic to your channel, and you can end up turning some of them into subscribers.

For effective SEO of YouTube videos, you’re supposed to carry out research and identify the most effective keyword for your videos. Next, you can base your title, entire description, and tags around that keyword.
Once your video starts appearing amongst the top search results, you’ll experience a massive inflow of traffic.

Your Content Matters the Most

Why’d someone subscribe to your channel? For the content of course, isn’t it? You must provide appealing, unique and interesting content for the viewers to gain the maximum number of subscribers in the shortest possible time. With better content, you can boost the Youtube views for your channel.

Ideally, you must provide content that your viewers cannot resist not watching. Your content should be extremely appealing and unique, giving a reason to the viewers to subscribe to your audience.

Purchase YouTube Subscribers

For new YouTube channels finding it difficult to gain subscribers, purchasing YouTube subscribers is an extremely effective option. You can purchase subscribers for your YouTube channel while it's in the initial stages from various online sources.

Not only will it increase the number of subscribers, but will also add to the integrity of your channel, encouraging other viewers to subscribe to it.

Engage with your Audience

In order to establish relations with your audience and turn them into subscribers, it is extremely important to engage and interact with them. Engaging with the audience will bring more returning viewers, ultimately resulting in higher number of subscribers.

You can engage with your audience by replying and responding to your audience and even reading their comments, giving them shout outs or thanking them for their support within your video.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

This is another great idea to approach wider audiences without much effort. Collaborating with other YouTube gives you access to their audience and gives the other YouTuber the access to your audience so it’s beneficial for both the entities involved.

You can create collaborative videos with other YouTubers or simply give them a mention in your videos and ask them to do the same for you. This technique is extremely effective, especially for new channels.

While it is fairly difficult to promote a new channel and gain your first thousand subscribers, the above-mentioned tricks and techniques can be extremely useful in the initial stages of your channel.