A wedding should be one of the most exciting days of any life, and as with any exciting day, the pressure is on! The line between perfection and disaster is thin; it only takes one aspect of the event to go wrong, and it could throw everything into disarray. Make sure that your wedding is one to remember for the right reasons by following these simple tips.

Choose the right venue

Whether you are getting married in Acapulco or Arkansas, picking your venue is crucial to the wedding you will have. Do your research, make sure you know what questions to ask when you approach the potential venue and read the small print. Always be 100% sure before any deposit is paid.  This way, you can make a good decision by choosing the right sound, lighting & stage hire company based in the UK

Protect the Dress

Imagine the situation; the dress has been picked and fitted, and it is perfect. On the day, after a wonderful breakfast, you begin to dress yourself and discover a tear all the way up the back of your wedding gown. It might sound outlandish, but it does happen. Remember, whatever you do, make sure the dress is transported with the utmost care.

Shop around for a Catering Company

One easy mistake to make when planning a wedding, or any event, is to select the cheapest catering company, like this caterer. You will (hopefully) only get married once, and what is served to eat has a big impact on how the day goes. Make sure you taste test the menu thoroughly before the day and read all the reviews online before confirming any company.

Make sure both Rings are Perfect

Unlike the dress, the ring you choose will be worn every single day. While it might seem romantic to forge your own rings or have your partner select yours for you, try to bear in mind that whatever you get will be on your finger for the rest of your life. Try to purchase the rings with the understanding that they are a set, and his and hers should complement one another. Have a look at bridal ring sets; you might find it is better to buy them both together and with one another.

Plan for the Perfect Honeymoon

When marrying the man or woman of your dreams, it is important to know that after the hustle of the day itself, you will be far away somewhere together having the holiday of a lifetime. To ensure that everything is just as you want it, and within budget, of course, read about what is available and where other couples rate. Make sure you honeymoon caters to the both of you; if one of you wants to relax on a beach but the other would love to backpack Asia, compromise and do both.

Relax and Enjoy yourself

Although there are things you can do to prevent disaster, a certain number of things are not going to go to plan. Hopefully, it will be something very small, but even if it seems monumental, try to remind yourself that what matters is your marriage, not the frosting on the cake. Enjoy yourself; you will remember the day for the rest of your life.