What is an essay? It is a structured compositional writing that pertains to a certain topic. Technically, it demonstrates an objective and subjective view of the author’s opinion. Typically, the people write to express their utmost emotions in a form of an essay. 

In reality, many students are pretty good in multiple choices, identification, and enumeration types of quizzes. However, they exhibited poor performance in essay writing. What could be the possible reasons for this? 
As we all know, being a student is a tough role in our youth days. We need to finish all of our projects, activities, homework, and exams. We should maintain good grades and make our parents proud. However, there are times when we can’t think of a good idea to write. Sometimes, we don’t know how to organize our thoughts. To provide the students some tips on their writing styles, they may refer to these 8 tips to create a perfect composition. 

1. Determine your Potential Readers

It is important to identify your readers as if you’re dedicating the information to a wider target market. It does not actually restrict your intended readers but it will make the readers interested in your writing. If you want to impress your teacher with your writings, you should dedicate the topic to general readers in which your teacher may relate. 

2. Think about a Great Topic

Your topic should be specific and it should be addressed to the general public. It will bring a greater impact on the people and it would influence people’s lives as well as emotions. For general topics, you may write something about family, career, motivation, fantasy, or inspirational essays. Furthermore, you should find a reliable source as your reference and gather some evidence that will support your topic. 

3. Paradigm Your Ideas 

Learn how to plan and outline your ideas to promote the proper organization of thoughts and a clear conclusion. Make sure to draft your first paragraphs as introductions. Thereafter, it will be followed by the contents and thereafter, the conclusion. 

4. Formulate a Strong Thesis Statement 

A thesis statement is the viable part of the essay. As much as possible, think of a powerful thesis statement that will entice the readers to look and scroll down the pages of your essay. Always start your statement with an optimistic approach. 

5. Write Your Engaging Introduction 

Start with a catchy question, phrase, or quote. It is important to attract the readers with the words and thoughts to attempt them to read the context even more. Just like in marketing, you should know how to sales talk to someone in orderto buy your products. The introduction should be convincing and exciting to provide interests to the readers. 

6. Apply Your Outline to the Body Contents

You should apply the outline to the content of your essay as a means to organize your thoughts and lead the readers to the conclusion. You may also compose attractive subheading titles appropriate to the contents. For example, if your title is “5 Amazing Sightseeing to Visit in Japan”. Your subheadings should be general to specific such as (1) Roaming around the City of Tokyo, (2) Embracing the Traditional Venue of Osaka, and so forth. 

7. Come Up with a Catchy Conclusion

Finalize your thoughts and provide a brief gist of the whole story. This is also your chance to make the audience more interested because you will finally reveal your greatest thoughts to your topic. Your introduction becomes the appetizer, the content will be the main course, while the conclusion serves as the sweetest dessert. 

Also, your conclusion should entice the readers to become more curious about the topic as if they want to search more of it. For example, if you tell the readers that there’s an amazing sushi bizarre place around Tokyo, they will definitely become interested in traveling to Japan or search the restaurant through the internet. In short, this is the influential and motivational part of the essay. 

8. Edit and Proofread Your Written Work

A perfect essay should be proofread multiple times to come up with grammatically correct sentences, catchy titles, and impressive contents. However, as the main writer, you might not be able to detect your errors in your essay. As the most significant step of the essay writing, you should ask someone to proofread and edit it for you. 

You may hire someone for a professional editing service in order to carefully review your work and keep an eye with the sentences to be corrected. You don’t need to worry about on how to find a reliable editor to review your work. Just check credible sites via the internet, read a few legit forums, and start hunting for your editor.