For over three decades, English linguist and educator Helen Doron’s Method has taught over two million children worldwide. Today, the method is used in more than 700 schools across the world. This best-in-class English learning method enables children to acquire new language rather than learn. 

Helen Doron developed a system that stimulates the child's natural ability to learn through hearing and playing. This means that the children are learning the English language in fun-filled environments thus making it look like their native language.

The system has three features: the children learn to use their natural ability to acquire a new language, use imagination and creativity to acquire knowledge, and building their confidence through success and positive reinforcement. It utilizes games, music, special activities, and dance.

The program is appropriate for toddlers up to the teenage stage. These children can learn through 10 different levels depending on one’s age. The specific focus for toddlers is to speak while older kids are taught how to speak and write to prepare them for an international English test. 

Basically, the program exercises physical and mental aspects which include flexibility, strength, and coordination with elements of language and vocabulary. So, the program gives children a positive first encounter with English which makes learning the language at later stages easy. This method enables children to learn English ten times faster than if they were learning through the traditional approach.

Learning through hands-on experience and play is the secret behind Helen Doron’s Method. Teachers use games, props, multimedia, and tools to help children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Basically, children are encouraged to learn by carrying out physical activities.

Another important aspect of the method is that English is taught as a mother tongue language. With this arrangement, the children learn how to speak through hearing with reinforcement through background hearing. The stories, movements, and songs are played many times so that children absorb the language in fun and natural way. 

By emphasis on the need for positive reinforcement, the program helps to develop children's self-esteem. Positive reinforcement helps to improve a child's self-image. A child who grows up being criticized will most likely develop a damaged self-image. The program aims at building children’s self-esteem by creating a conducive environment for success. Instead of criticizing the kids, teachers focus on the positive. Research has shown that children hear the positive statements first.

The children learn in small groups of about 5 - 8, and the learning materials are adapted to each level of child growth. There are a variety of teaching aids and updated books that the teachers use to guide the kids during learning lessons. Working with a teacher is only one aspect of Helen Doron’s Method. Since the basis of this method is listening, children are provided with special recordings to use at home. It is believed that children acquire new knowledge faster if they listen two times a day. 

All the programmes whether for toddlers or teens are developed by an experienced in-house team under the guidance of Helen Doron. All the songs, animation, stories, and fun activities are designed to offer fun learning experience while encouraging vocabulary retention. Likewise, the games and activities correspond with each level of learning. Helen and her team continue to inspire many with innovative learning models. Her newest innovation is Helen Doron Kindergartens. 

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