Everyone knows someone who has it all. You dread buying gifts for them each year because there’s nothing that they don’t already have. This is frustrating and a real challenge. You want to love them, but are a little upset with them deep down that they make gift giving so hard on you.  

This is when you’re going to have to bust out your creativity and come up with an option that’s very unique. Think about them as a person, and what they like to do for fun. Come up with a long list of ideas as you’re brainstorming and start narrowing it down from there. See what to give the person who has it all. 

Spa Day

A spa day is the perfect gift for someone who has it all. It’s a chance for them to relax and unwind without the pressures of everyday life. They’re able to totally escape and disconnect from the world for a day. They’ll be stress-free and calm for probably the longest they’ve been in a while. A spa day isn’t a gift that they’d likely buy themselves either. Many people like to indulge in this type of gift, but won’t spend the money for it on themselves when push comes to shove. Set them up with a day that’s made just for them and tell them they can call you tomorrow after they’ve had a nice long session to themselves. There are many packages and spa options, so maybe get them a gift card and have them pick their own preferences. 

An Experience

Get someone who has it all an experience. A day or night to remember with their friends. One idea is to buy tickets to the Ed Sheeran World Tour 2017 and go together to dance the night away. She’ll love the thoughtfulness of the gift and that you’re going to go with her. A concert is a fun way to escape for the night and have fun dancing and singing to the music. She’ll have the memory to hold onto for the rest of her life. It’s an activity you two can do together and talk about for years to come. She’ll be more than excited when you present the tickets. Make it a special night by dressing up and going out to dinner. 


Candles are a beautiful gift for that person who has it all. They come in all sorts of colors and scents. They instantly brighten your home and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. No one can ever have too many candles. Pick out an assortment so you’re sure to get them a few different options they like. Spend time picking out the perfect scents and hues for their home. Select ones that’ll make an everlasting impression with their beauty and smell. 

Beauty Products

A girl can never have too many beauty products. No one has them all and there’s always the chance of them running out. Find out what makeup she uses the most and what she’s running low on in her stash. Create an assortment of her favorite goodies and package them up for the perfect gift. This’ll be a fun project for you and her face will light up when she sees how much work you put into building her a lovely assortment of beauty products. Another idea is to add in various nail polish colors. Any woman who loves nail polish knows she can’t ever have too many different shades.

Fine Wine 

Confirm your friend’s favorite kind of wine and compile an assortment of the best bottles for her to try. There’s nothing like an amazing bottle of wine to put a smile on your friend’s face. It’s a very kind gesture that’s sure to be appreciated. Maybe even throw in a new type of wine to mix it up and surprise her. Sip on fine wine together while reminiscing all of your old memories together. It’s a gift and experience all rolled into one.   


Round up old photos and start putting together a collage or photo album. The effort it takes to put this together combined with the personal touch will have your friend taken back with emotion. Pick out the best photos and highlight some of your favorite times spent together. In addition, place a few of your favorite photos in nice picture frames. This is a gift she’ll have forever and one that’s sentimental to your relationship. Go through the photo books together and talk about the different pictures, which should give you a good laugh too.  

Cleaning Person

No on enjoys cleaning their own home. Order your friend a cleaning person for her place. Have them there to organize, do the laundry and wash the sheets and towels. Your friend will be thrilled by this gesture. Give her a break from her normal duties with the help of a cleaning person. This is a gift that’s unique and thoughtful. Instead of worrying about cleaning the house, she can worry about herself and do other activities to relieve stress. It’s a great gift for anyone who has a lot of responsibility at home and could use a break.

A Class

Give your friend the gift of an activity that they enjoy, or a new experience like dancing. Maybe it’s pottery, meditation or kayaking.  Whatever it is, present them with a package of classes to participate in their favorite hobby. They’ll appreciate it this since it’s entertaining for them to do and they probably don’t make time for it in their busy life. If it’s an activity you like to do too, tell them you’ll join them and make a fun night or weekend out of it.  


Shopping for gifts for another person is a difficult task. It’s not easy to know what they’re going to like and don’t already have. It takes creative thinking and a strategy to get it right. Put some effort and thought into making it perfect. These are ideas for what to give the person who has it all.