Finally, the time has approached for students to choose their right career. At this time they will be in a dilemma because of many options available. Planning the right career for a candidate is a big task. But a little effort and planning are required for a better and fruitful career.

Aspirants who wish to become a doctor and having science as their favourite subject from their school days, generally opt for science stream with a combination of physics, chemistry, botany, zoology and Biology. There are many medical entrance exams, which are conducted every year and as per the data received, more than 8 lakhs students enroll for NEET.

Despite all efforts by attending coaching classes, referring notes, sample papers and model papers, few students were not able to clear this medical entrance exam and some candidates dropped before attending the exam because of the syllabus issue and lot more. No need to be anxious about your career, the medical field is not only the option for science students, there are many talented career options with PCB combinations. In this article let us explore more about career options for science students other than MBBS and medical courses.

Here are 10 promising and challenging career choices with PCB combinations.

1.    Botany

Botany is a branch of biology, which is firmly established that deals with the plants- about their structure, developments, growth, life cycle, etc. Aspirants of Botany are mainly involved in performing new experiments on plants, conducting new research, observation and discovering new species, etc. There are many career opportunities, which includes working in plantation industries, greenhouses, junior researchers, lecturer or professor in college, botanical gardens, landscape, nursery department, etc.

2.    Zoology

An exciting field that mainly deals with the animals - their structure, its life processes, their genetics, nomenclature, and classification along with the animal’s relations with other species. There are many career opportunities in this field, which includes, animal breeder, wildlife biologist, and conservationist, etc.

3.    Microbiology

A branch of biology, which deals with the study of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. The study includes about their life cycle, habitat, Plantcell structure, and their relation with the humans, plants, animals, and other organisms in the biodiversity. Microbiologists are mainly involved in an investigation about microorganisms, researchers, lecturers or professor in college, quality control, pharmaceuticals companies, lab technician, health sector, food, and agriculture industries, etc.

4.    Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the application of chemical, its reactions, and biomolecules which take place within the living system. Biochemistry is a combination of chemistry and biology. There are many opportunities such as scientists in forensic labs and clinical labs, lab technicians, toxicologist, research and healthcare scientist, professor, biomedical officers, patient care advisor, medical coders, etc.

5.    Genetics

Genetics is an interesting field, which involves in genes- their functions, variations, and heredity in living organisms. An aspirant who studies about genetics, mutations, transmitted of genes is called as Geneticists. A Geneticists can work as a DNA analyst in medical hospitals, laboratories, in forensic labs, etc.

6.    Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is the application of biology in the field of computer science and information technology. Students working in this sector are mainly involved in analyzing the biological data, developing new software using biological tools. The career opportunities with this degree include medical coding, medical transcription, bioanalysis and also as clinical researchers.

7.    Physiology

Physiology is the study of functions and activities performing in living all organisms along with their anatomy. A physiotherapist is the best career field with this degree. They can work as a physiotherapist and physiologist both in medical institutes and in research fields.

8.    Biotechnology

The field of technology, which uses biology and other life science with different techniques to modify products for specific human use. A biotechnologist starts their career in a research field, biotech industries, agricultural sectors for improving crop yields, sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, wine industries, etc.

9.    Environmental Science

A study about the different tools, which are used to save our environment with the hazards, and other pollutants that cause harm to our environment.  The career opportunities with this degree include working in sewage water plant, water filtration plant, pollution controlling plant, in forest department for conserving forest and animals, in industries for controlling pollution etc.

10.    Marine Biology

This is the study of marine organisms, aquatic animals, about their activities and interactions with the environment. The career opportunities include marine animal husbandry, aquaculturist, environmental consultant, marine scientist, etc.

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