A perfect pre-wedding photo shoot needs some perfect locations to stand out in the pictures. Perfect destinations that you can take pleasure in visiting and looking around as you click your special pictures! Mumbai sure has a bunch of captivating places around to make for some great locations. Here are some of our suggestions to sort you out on planning your photo shoot locations!

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Marine Drive

The presence of any water body is bound to make a place for a great view and a beautiful romantic spot. This place you see is called Marine Drive that sits hugging Chowpatty Beach making it an extremely eye-pleasing site! You can only sit back and let your mind imagine what an amazing work a camera could do at such a gorgeous location! “Queen’s Necklace” is a name given to Marine Drive since this place, once illuminated at night, is said to look like a necklace of pearls from a distance above. Doesn’t it now?

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link, as the name partly suggests, is a cable-stayed bridge that connects Bandra to Worli of South Mumbai. Officially called Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, this bridge looks heavenly from over a distance with the view of the sea and the whole scenic beauty in general. Clicking a bunch of pictures from afar with the entire view of the bridge and the sea in the background would certainly be a remarkable idea for a perfect pre-wedding photo shoot! All you got to do is pick a perfect time and the right spot! A picture of the view below is sure to convince you anyway!

Aksa Beach

Again, beaches and water bodies, in general, are perfectly romantic and charming spots for snaps! Aksa Beach is one such famous beach of Mumbai that is beautiful, pleasant and flawless for a nice photo shoot. It is a perfect little beach with greenery and an amazing view of the graceful waters for your camera to capture! Perhaps you can get a clear view all for yourself if you can try and avoid weekends!

Rajabai Clock Tower

After summing enough places up involving seas and beaches, let’s talk about something solid and classy! A clock tower! Rajabai Clock Tower, fashioned on Big Ben in London, was built back in 1878 and gives the slightest London vibe to it. Its intricate details and the captivating 280 feet architecture itself make it a super cool background for some quick snaps! So, head over to this location and capture some unique pre-wedding pictures with a historic clock tower in the background!

Elephanta Caves

Sometimes having a photo shoot done on an island surrounded by ancient caves can be a wonderfully unique idea! If you agree, then Elephanta Caves of Mumbai is for you. These caves are a collection of carved caves situated on Elephanta Island in the Mumbai Harbor. There are a bunch of historical sculpted caves around that you can explore as you go on clicking your perfect pictures as you find the right spots. The caves, the island, the sea and the entire vibe of the location, in general, are bound to delight you, and so are the snaps that would turn out! 

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