Is your hair ruining your life? There are no permanent treatments to tame frizzy hair. Even straightening won’t keep that frizz down on the long term. If frizziness is ruining your perfect morning hairdo, here are several tips for managing it:

Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfates are chemicals commonly present in hair care products for generating luxurious lather. However, sulfates also have a moisture stripping quality. That is to say, sulfates will completely remove natural oils that retain moisture in hair and keep it less frizzy. If you use regular shampoos that contain sulfates, your frizzy hair will get worse. Therefore, switch to sulfate-free organic shampoo. If these shampoos have a lot of glycerin, then that’s a plus. Do not avoid regular shampooing, as it will cause scalp buildup, which can cause bad smell and conditions like dandruff. Do wash your hair, but learn to use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo. 

Don’t Rub Your Hair with Towels

Most women run their hair with towels to get it dry. This usually causes even more frizz. Rubbing can cause damage to strands of hair and make them limp. So, avoid this bad habit. Simply use your hands to squeeze the moisture out of hair and let it air dry. 

Keep the Heat Down When Using Flat Irons

Do you use flat irons to style your hair? If your hair is frizzy, you might want to keep the heat down to a minimum. Heat, like sulfates, strips hair of its natural moisture, causing the loathed frizz. It’s best if you don’t’ style at all using flat irons. Instead, you can preserve beautiful curls by using a high-end curly hair gel. You can use a gel for straightening as well. 

Brush Your Hair Properly

Wrong brushing can prevent naturally occurring oil of reaching hair strands. The proper way to brush your hair is to first bend over and brush your hair from the back of the scalp to the front. This distributes oils in the back to the front, where it’s usually present in fewer amounts. Afterwards, flip your hair over and brush backwards like you are used to. Use a boar bristle brush as the natural bristles are better at distributing oils than synthetic or plastic combs. 

Use a Hydrating Mask or Hair Oil

At least once a week use a hydrating mask on your hair to restore moisture. You can also use hair oil to tame the frizz as well. Gently rub some oil onto the scalp using your fingertips. It should add shine and strength to your normally weak hair strands. 

Use Conditioner Once a Week

Using conditioner is also a great way to restore natural oils and healthy looking bounciness. You don’t have to condition every day. Just once a week is enough. If you have fine hair, choose a light conditioner. For coarse hair, a rich conditioner should be used. Afterwards, make sure you wash off any residue before drying your hair. 
Frizz can be managed as long as you follow the above tips.