Most modern brides prefer laidback weddings without all the craziness of mega wedding planning. Even celebrities now prefer smaller affairs for their weddings. Miranda Kerr, for example, wedded her billionaire beau in the backyard of his mansion. The wedding was a small affair, and Kerr said she did yoga in the morning to relax. No one wants to panic and be crazy on their special day. If you are hoping to have a small wedding, here are several tips that will surely help:

Decide How Small the Wedding Should Be

First of all, you need to decide how small you want the wedding to be. Do you want it to be 50 guests small or 200 guests small? It will depend on how many people you want to invite. If you are just inviting family and friends, the guest list could be kept below 100 preferably. But if you want to invite work friends or colleagues, you might have to go over. Start writing down a list of names so you have an idea early on how big or small the wedding would be. Then you can start budgeting. 

Buy the Dress Early 

If you want to dazzle in a stunning wedding dress, buy it early. It will prevent you from having to budget for a dress you don’t like later. Now, don’t blow all your money trying on expensive NYC wedding gowns. You can check out wedding catalogs for dress ideas first. Consider going for affordable but chic styles like a boat neck wedding dress. If you are having a private and intimate wedding, it’s perfectly fine to choose a laidback style like that. However, you should decide early on and not wait until the last moment. 

Consider a Homemade Wedding Cake 

You can add an additional intimate touch to the wedding by making the wedding cake at home. You can ask for professional help. If you are a terrible baker, you can just order it from elsewhere. In big cities like New York, there are home bakers who will be able to bake you a wedding cake that tastes like grandma made it. Instead of a giant tower cake, choose an innovative cake style that will wow guests visually and titillate their taste buds as well. 

Think Beyond the Box for the Venue 

Don’t limit yourself to traditional venues when choosing a place to hold your intimate wedding. You can do what Miranda Kerr did and hold the wedding at a large backyard of your or a friend’s house. If not, you can also find cheap but scenic wedding venues at public parks. If you want an indoor wedding, you can try a local church as well. Churches with stained glass ceilings would be perfect for an atmospheric indoor wedding. There may be other similar religious or non-religious venues you can choose from. 

Hosting a small wedding is easy, but it still involved a considerable amount of work. However, don’t fuss too much over the details. Choose places and settings that put you at ease and gives an intimate feel to your wedding.