Everyone is dreaming about living in a comfortable place with good infrastructure and perfect environment. However, it isn’t as easy to find a place like this in our world. Cities which can boast with the developed transport infrastructure, usually suffer from traffic jams and air pollution. 

On the other hand, it’s possible to breathe fresh air in a countryside where there aren’t many products of civilization like modern shopping malls, beauty salons, etc. 

But if you are looking for the ideal combination of nature and civilization, you need to move to Edmonton and  Edmonton movers will help you with this.

Edmonton is the capital of the province of Alberta. This is an amazing city, which combines business districts with huge skyscrapers and quiet areas with a peaceful life with wooden houses surrounded by parks and gardens. Today the number of residents is more than one million people.

The city is divided into two parts by the North Saskatchewan River. In the northern part there are business districts, the southern part is considered the historical center of the city. Edmonton is the city where the home of quiet quarters is successfully intertwined with a hectic business life.

Edmonton is also known as the cultural capital of Canada. If you want to visit a city where a lot of cultural objects are concentrated, you should go to Edmonton. Canada is famous for its historical and cultural values. And this is not accidental. There are many museums and theaters here. And the famous Music Center of Francis Vinsper is considered one of the best concert halls in Canada due to its amazing acoustics.

Edmonton is not only a cultural city, but also a well-known tourist center of the province of Alberta. It gained this fame thanks to an impeccable ecology and a huge number of parks. Thus, among the cities of Canada, Edmonton occupies an honorable first place in terms of the number of green zones and parkland. The national park Jasper is very beautiful! You can see so many animals on the side of the road. Sometimes some of them are trying to interact with humans. The nature is simply amazing!

Education in Edmonton

Edmonton is also famous for its system of continuous education. The Organization for Economic Development recognized this Edmonton as the world's leading city, which promotes continuous distance learning.
As far as the shopping goes, the famous shopping and entertainment center West Edmonton Mall in the north-west of Edmonton has been in the Guinness Book of Records for many years, because it was considered the largest shopping center in the world. Inside, there are so many entertainments that the head goes around! Both kids and adults will find something interesting to do there – bowling, movie theater, swimming pool, various rides, you name it are all at your service.

The city, itself is perfectly clean, everything is well-groomed, flowers are everywhere. Edmonton is a fast developing city and there are a lot of construction projects here - bridges, overpasses, shopping centers, houses. Although the city is relatively small, it is well-planned and there are no traffic jams here. People like to decorate their houses and it’s possible to see some interesting installations in the courtyards or houses painted in some interesting color. People are very friendly and pleasant in communication.

Today Edmonton is a fairly developed city, which is not inferior to other cities of Canada for its economic position and cultural potential. So, pack your things, call Edmonton house movers and move to this beautiful city,

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